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Best Dab E-Nails 2017 January 25 2017, 1 Comment

Dabbing started to become extremely popular in the wax vaping community in 2016. With the end of prohibition in a large amount of states in the 2016 elections, it's expected that 2017 will be the year that dabbing really takes off and goes mainstream. The best way to dab is to use electronic nails, also known as e-nails. Here are the best ones on the market in 2017 so far.

Best E-Rigs

E-Rigs are standalone units that give you everything you need (nail and battery) in one complete kit. They are available in both plug-in and portable varieties.

Dr. Dabber Boost

The Dr. Dabber Boost is one of the biggest names in the electronic dabbing world today. With the ability to heat up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 30 seconds, up to 60 uses on a single charge, and a glass water filtration attachment, it's no wonder that the Boost is the go-to for dabbers who want something to take on the go.

Pulsar Hand


The Pulsar Hand is another contender in the best portable e-rig category. This dabbing powerhouse features a ceramic heating core, magnetic stainless steel carb cap, and a water filtration attachment. The craftsmanship and stunning good looks on this e-rig make is a must-own for 2017.

Dab Ninja


The Dab Ninja is a powerful plug-in e-rig. While portable e-rigs are all the rage these days, a solid plug-in unit is definitely something that you'll want to look into if you're a serious dabber. The Ninja is capable of reaching a max temperature of 990 degrees Fahrenheit and features a grade 2 titanium e-nail, digital regulator, and precision temperature control capability. If you need more heat and power than a portable rig can provide, the Dab Ninja is the way to go.

Cloud V Electro

The Cloud V Electro dab rig is a little more pricey than some of the other portable rigs on this list, but as the saying goes you get what you pay for.

The Electro includes an incredibly powerful 6000 mAh battery, precision-crafted glass aqua bubbler, and a high-end titanium nail for added performance. If you're looking to spend a bit more for a lot better quality, the Cloud V Electro is a great option.

Source Nail Signature Kit

The Source Nail Signature Kit includes both the Source Nail attachment and a 40W TC sub-ohm capable box mod.

If you love the idea of dabbing with with a sub-ohm mod and want to buy a kit that includes one instead of making a separate purchase, the Signature Kit from Source is the best way to get started. This box mod will definitely help you dab the way it's meant to be experienced.

Best Box Mod E-Nail Attachments

KandyPens ICON Attachment

The KandyPens ICON Attachment is the gold standard when it comes to turning your favorite 510-threaded electronic box mod in to a portable e-nail rig.  It includes three different types of nail: titanium, quartz, and ceramic. The water filtration attachment is designed to give you a smooth, rich vapor comparable to more powerful e-rigs.

Atmos Studio Rig Attachment


The Atmos Studio Rig Attachment is another solid entry in the 510-threaded box mod e-nail attachment market. Designed specifically to cool and filtrate your vapor, the Studio Rig will become your favorite way to dab on the go. As an added perk, it also includes a dry herb attachment! This is extremely exciting, as most e-nails do not have any dry herb capability. So if you're looking for more options and versatility, the Studio Rig attachment is the way to go.

Wulf Mods Dab Rig Kit

Wulf Mods already has a stellar reputation thanks to the overwhelming popularity of their Lone Wulf mechanical mod kit, 75W Temp Control Kit, and the Hell Hound box mod.

They've brought the expertise and craftsmanship that they're famous for in the e-cig community over to the e-nail world with the Wulf Mods Dab Rig Kit. Simply attach this kit to your favorite box mod and you'll be ready to start dabbing instantly.

Best Water Pipe E-Nail Attachment

White Rhino Torrid

The White Rhino Torrid is a one-of-a-kind e-nail that is designed to attach to your favorite water pipe. This expertly crafted, beautiful e-nail includes a triple-coil ceramic rod atomizer, reclamation chamber, and removable air pins for added airflow. The 6-in-1 adapter makes the Torrid compatible with virtually every single water pipe on the market, whether it has a male or a female connection.

Why use a dab nail?

While wax vape pens certainly have their place (mainly for those times when you need something as small as possible to carry around), anyone who is serious about vaping wax absolutely needs to consider purchasing an e-nail. 

Dab nails help you unlock the full potential of your waxy concentrate in a way that other wax vaporizers don't. They heat the wax evenly and efficiently, ensuring that you get the full hit without any waste.

While standard nails use a torch and flame method to heat the wax, electronic nails (e-nails) use a much safer electric heating element to achieve the same effect. By eliminating the harmful smoke that comes with combustion, e-nails will give you a much smoother and flavorful dabbing experience when compared to the old-school method. 

If you've never tried an e-nail before, you owe it yourself to try out one of these phenomenal e-rigs or e-nail attachments for yourself and find out what you're missing. 


What is a Vape Mod and Which are the Best Under $100 July 07 2016, 0 Comments

What is a vape mod?

A vape mod (or mod vape) is a much larger version of the vape pen with more functionality and produces more vapor. It also increases the throat hit and produces more overall flavor of the e-juice. The vape mod also uses a much bigger and bulkier battery which is needed to increase the vapor and flavor. Vaping takes some experience and if you are a beginner to the world of vaping it is suggested you start with a regulated vape setup as they have built-in safety features that you need to know. Once you have learned more and gained some experience with vaping, you'll be ready to move onto the mechanical vape mod.

Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Kit-->

The mechanical mod is much like a personal vaporizer. It consists of a tube or casing where the rechargeable battery is located. Located on the tube is a button that has to be pushed to make a connection to the battery which then pushes unregulated current to the atomizer. This is completely a manual connection you make by pressing the button and is where it gets its name of, mechanical mod. It is also considered unregulated as it doesn't use circuitry to regulate the flow of electricity.

Why use a mechanical mod?

There are some very distinct advantages and benefits to using a mechanical mod. The main advantage is the durability they provide. The typical regulated personal vaporizers are essentially disposable as once the battery reaches the end of its life, the battery has to be disposed of. All lithium ion batteries have a point where they can no longer take a charge. The mechanical mod, on the other hand, can just have its battery replaced if it reaches that point, not the whole unit.

Another reason people choose to use the mechanical mod is for its capacity to use low resistance atomizers, rebuildable dripping atomizers or rebuildable atomizers. Before you attempt to build on a mechanical mod make sure you completely understand the Ohms laws.

Are mechanical mods safe?

When you work with lithium batteries there is no 'completely' safe. These little batteries can store a lot of energy. Risks do seem to be decreasing as technology gets better and if you have the right mechanical mod building supplies you will reduce your risks.

The mechanical mod is an unregulated vaporizer so care needs to go into its use. The regulated devices are generally safer, however, if your hardware is high quality and you have the knowledge these devices can be safe also. These are some battery tips for your mechanical mod safety:

  • Make sure you put the battery in correctly and the positive and negative ends are pointed in the right direction. This may be obvious but it is an important tip nonetheless.
  • Don't stack your batteries. It is recommended you use only one battery in your mechanical mod.
  • Removing the battery when your unit is not in use will help keep it better functioning as it will allow the springs to stay springy. It also helps to prevent accidental firing which can cause the mod to overheat or explode.

Best Vape Mods available under $100

  • Kangar TopBox Mini Kit sells for $67.99
  • Aspire Platinum Starter Kit sells for $94.95
  • Aspire Odyssey- $84.00
  • IPV4S Box Mod- $79.00
  • eVic Variable Temperature Control 60W- $75.99
  • Notorious- $59.99
  • Sigelei Fuchai 200W- $69.99
  • iTaste MVP 3.0- $64.99
  • Kanger KBox 40W- $34.99
  • IPV Mini 70W Box Mod- $69.99

One of MintyVapes top mods is the Wulf Mods Temperature Control 60W- $96.99

Buy Wulf Mod 60W -->

The Wulf Mods 60W Temperature Control Kit was constructed with legendary craftsmanship and includes the latest advanced temperature control technology. There is a built-in OLED screen to keep in the know on the most important stats of your unit such as; wattage and battery life. This unit has the power to give you a massive amount of vapor.

There are four different box mod included with this kit; bypass, temperature control Fahrenheit, normal, and temperature control Celsius. With these, you have the ability to customize your vaping experience to your desired preference. You will also receive an advanced Wulf Mods Temperature Control Subtank allowing you to vape your favorite e-juice. This tank is designed to bring out the raw power of the Wulf Mods Temperature Control box mod 60W.

What this kit includes:

* 1 silicon case

* 1 TC Box mod

* 1 Wulf Mods TC Subtank

* 1 USB Cable

* 1 Manual

Questions asked regarding the Wulf Mods Temperature Control 60W:

Q: What type of battery is used and is it sold with the unit?

A: This unit uses an 18650 battery. They can be purchased separately from the unit.

Q: Can you change parts of the box mod to customize it?

A: You can purchase different clearomizers to put on it, but other than that there isn't much customizing possible. When you play with the clearomizer you get a different vaping experience and once you've gained experience with vaping you'll learn which settings are best for you.

Review on the Wulf Mods Temperature Control 60W:

One reviewer wrote calling this unit a 'cloud machine'. He stated this tank and battery straight cloud. Another review said it was amazing and makes 'sooooooo much vappeeeeee!' A third review called it 'most versatile'. They stated with the four different modes to choose from this unit is perfect for any vaper. As with any set of reviews on a product, there was one dissatisfied customer who requested to send theirs back for a refund. MintyVapes accepts returns of all unused and unopened products for seven days following receipt of an order. When returned, customers are issued a full refund, less a 15 percent restocking fee, and shipping costs.

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Is Vaping Bad For You? Is it Safe? July 06 2016, 1 Comment

For decades people all over the world have been looking for a safe and convenient alternative to smoking cigarettes. Many alternatives have cropped up over the years. Most smokers that have tried cigarette alternatives just go right back to cigarettes for a variety of reasons. Some say that they need something to simulate the act of smoking while others say that they need that sensation of blowing smoke. Although the nicotine in the cigarette is addictive, the actual physical act of smoking can be addictive as well. Nothing up until now has been able to replicate the complete act of smoking in addition to being able to control nicotine levels. Other smoking alternatives have been lacking one or more components that would help the average smoker switch from cigarettes to a different method.

A few years ago many people started using a smoking alternative called vaping. Once the trend caught on many were asking; Is vaping bad for you?, Is vaping safe? The answer is simple. Vaping is the safest alternative to smoking on the market today. Vaping incorporates the use of a vaporizer, a nicotine additive, and a vegetable blend with a flavoring. Once the vaping trend caught on it, spread to all ages and cultures. The potential to quit smoking for good while still being able to satisfy nicotine and physical cravings was quite attractive. If you look around today, there are people vaping all around you. You may ask why so many people are jumping aboard the vape train. There are a few reasons to point out.

Vaping Is NOT the same as Cigarettes

First and perhaps the best reason is that vaping is simply non-toxic vapor that does not harm your body or others that are around you. Another reason is that it does not have an offensive odor. The great thing about vaping is you can choose whatever flavor you want. That translate into the fact that the vapor will also smell like which ever flavor you are vaping. Say for instance you want strawberry flavored vapor. The vapor you exhale will also smell like strawberry. This is great news for those in the area. Most would much rather smell a pleasant vapor than a stinky, toxic cigarette. This vapor eliminates the risks associated with second-hand smoke. This is great news for everyone. There are some individuals that mistakenly think that vaping has the same second-hand risk as cigarette smoke, which is untrue. Vaping is a clean way to get the simulations of cigarette smoking without the damaging health effects that come with it.

Another great thing about vaping is that it does not use an actual flame. It does not cause fires like cigarettes do. Many fires every year are caused by people either forgetting about a cigarette, falling asleep, or improperly disposing of them while still lit. With vaping, you no longer run the risk of accidentally starting a fire. Vaping not only is much safer for your health but it offers protection from accidental fires caused by cigarettes. On a lesser note, where fire hazard is concerned you will also not need to worry about burning holes in your clothes or furniture any longer.

There is growing concern from uninformed individuals concerning the risks of vaping. If more of those concerned took the time to research the facts about it there would be less opposition. Of course, vaping is not without its risks. The majority of the risk, however, lies within user responsibility. A major factor that is propelling a large amount of concern is teen use. Vape stores do not sell equipment or paraphernalia to those under the age of eighteen which falls under the same guidelines as cigarettes. Parents should speak about vaping to their children just as they would talk to them about smoking cigarettes and be sure that if they vape to keep their vaporizers and e-liquids out of their reach.

Another issue to be aware of on the safety front is nicotine and safe handling and use. Nicotine can be deadly in high doses. If you are adding nicotine to you e-liquid, then you need to inform yourself on what safe consumption levels are. Always use the lowest dose of nicotine necessary when vaping. If you are ordering separate nicotine be sure to always wear gloves when handling the liquid. Always screw the cap on tightly and store in a safe location where children, pets, or others will not intentionally or unintentionally come in contact with the nicotine liquid. The VG or vegetable glycerin, on the other hand, is non-toxic and does not pose a threat to individuals or pets. Be aware of where you leave e-cigarette accessories and be safety conscious.

E-cigarettes (vapes) are helping people all over the world quit smoking. Individuals that have been smoking decades and have tried many times to quit have been able to quit successfully by switching to the much safer e-cigarette. More focus needs to be directed to the potential to eliminate cigarettes for the most part by promoting e-cigarette use. Rather than opposing this innovative new style of smoking alternative people should focus on the positive aspects and lack of negative aspects that vaping poses. Vaping is saving lives and making the effort to quit smoking much easier for many. Vaping can save people from all of the negative health issues that come with cigarettes. Vaping can also save millions in healthcare treatment caused from serious smoking-related illness and diseases such as COPD and cancer.

Vaping has been taking lots of criticism from the public, private business, and large corporations. Some of the reason for the backlash is a lack of education on the subject, but some of the other reason can be traced to the desire to tax and regulate the up and coming industry. Some wish to place strict regulations and standards on e-liquid manufacturers making it tough to distribute and purchase e-liquids and vaping related merchandise. More public awareness about the facts associated with vaping needs to be created. If more individuals knew the positive aspects and clear facts on vaping concerns, then there would be much less opposition. As with anything new, there will be opposition to change. In time more people will be in the know about vaping and the ability to change peoples lives.

The Best Vape Mods for Clouds July 06 2016, 0 Comments

There are a lot of people that really enjoy vaping and even more that like chasing clouds. However, it can be extremely difficult to figure out what the best vape mod for clouds really is, especially if you are relatively new to the entire experience. Even if you have been vaping for a while but you really hadn't developed an interest in chasing clouds until more recently, it can be challenging to find the right products. That is why you need some type of guide to follow that will point you in the right direction and give you specific information about the right products. You also need some extra tidbits of knowledge that you need to know so you can learn to chase clouds with the best of them.

Basic Information

There are three main factors that affect cloud size the most. The first is conductivity, followed by adequate power supply and air flow. If any of these factors are not performing as they should be, you are not going to be able to get the clouds you want. Some mods produce better conductivity than others, just as some have a power supply that is insufficient for any type of cloud chasing. By the same token, you need a mod that has plenty of holes so it gets good air flow. If the air flow is interrupted for any reason you are likely to find yourself in a situation where are you are not getting the results you want.

Mechanical Mods vs Regulated Mods

Generally speaking, mechanical mods work much better for cloud chasing than regulated mods. With that being said, there are a couple of regulated systems out there that will work relatively well, even for beginners. In some cases, a solid regulated system will work better for a beginner. Using a regulated mod is sometimes more effective because while mechanical mods perform better overall, they can be testy and somewhat difficult to operate safely for someone that doesn't have a lot of experience. In addition, the batteries on mechanical mods can be dangerous if they are not operating properly. You need more than your fair share of battery power in order to chase clouds so you have to be careful to ensure that you use batteries safely. There have been rare instances where someone failed to ensure that they were using a battery safely and ended up getting hurt as a direct result. As previously mentioned, any mechanical mods that are used must have adequate vent holes and have at least decent connectivity or they won’t perform well.

Best Mechanical Mods

One of the best mechanical mods out there is the Hell Hound. This is a box mod that actually performs best when coupled with the Hell Hound RDA. It is made in the United States and it works well with 18650 batteries. Most importantly, it is made using copper connections, thereby increasing conductivity a great deal.

Buy Hellhound Kit -->

If you would rather not use a box mod, you might want to try the Lone Wulf. Its conductivity is second to none, especially when it is paired with the Lone Wulf RDA. As is the case with the Hell Hound, it is made in the United States and works with 18650 batteries. This is a smaller unit that is much more streamlined than the Hell Hound and as such, its firing button is recessed into the unit. You also have multiple color choices with this particular product.

Best Regulated Devices

If you are looking for a regulated device because you just don't think a mechanical mod is right for you, you might try the Conflict 5o Watt kit. This works well for those that are relatively new to blowing clouds. If you pair it with a sub-ohm box, it works especially well, even if you have never chased clouds in the past. Alternatively, you might want to choose the KangerTech KBOX 200.

Kanger KBOX 200W -->

This is a small unit as far as size goes, but it definitely makes up for it by making some of the biggest clouds of any regulated device on the market. If you really want to chase large clouds that are big enough to impress almost anyone, pair it with a sub-ohm box and watch what it can do.


Of course, you also have to worry about knowing something about other components involved in vaping so that you can get the most out of your cloud chasing endeavors. If you are going to choose your own wires, it is important that you realize that you have to choose the size that works best for you. This is something that is very much a personal decision, so don't be lured into the idea that one particular size of wire should always be used for cloud chasing because that simply isn't true. In addition, you want to choose a battery that is powerful enough to handle sub-ohming, because there is every chance that you will be doing exactly that in order to get the biggest clouds. Again, it is vitally important that you be careful when it comes to the battery. If you are looking for a particular battery, Vamped batteries and Wulf Mods work well. Finally, make sure that you choose juice with a lot of VG. For cloud chasing, it must be at least 75% but if you can find juice with 100% VG, it works much better.

To Summarize It All..

Now that you have the information at your fingertips you can start participating in cloud chasing. Better yet, you can really start to enjoy the experience. Some people like to get together and see who can create the biggest clouds while others simply enjoy cloud chasing for their own benefit. Whatever the case may be, it is a skill that you can learn and improve over time but it takes the right equipment to do so. If you haven't been getting the results you want, consider making some of the modifications concerning products that are detailed herein. Before you know it, you can look like you have been chasing clouds for years.

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Best Vape Mod in 2016 July 06 2016, 0 Comments

If you've ever considered the idea of vaping beyond a basic level, why not try the Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod? The American made kit includes the newest version of the Lone Wulf RDA and is available in three different color choices. Rated as the best vape mod on the market, the Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod is compatible with 18650 batteries and each unit that's made comes equipped with a unique serial number for authenticity purposes.

Buy the Lone Wulf -->

Wolf Mods is an American company that builds all of their products with only the highest quality materials. The Lone Wulf's unique feature, a recessed concave firing button, replaces the need for a safety locking mechanism. This feature makes the Lone Wulf extremely user friendly and easy to operate with just a single touch. Never again worry about setting the product down on a flat surface and suffer from an accidental deactivation!

If you're searching for something more unique in artistic design, the Lone Wulf is rich in detail. The artistic rendition of the wolf engraving will make it an instant favorite to anyone's mod collection. No other mechanical mod stands out quite like the Lone Wulf.

Wolf Mods designed the 2016 RDA for the experienced vapor user. The high quality copper and aluminum are compatible with 18650 batteries and the posts make rebuilding a lot easier compared to other competing models. The slit cut makes wire insertion a simple and painless task. The juice well is deep and the slide slits are designed for maximum airflow. This allows you to experience only the highest quality vapor experience.

When it comes to affordability, the Lone Wulf Kit is practically a steal with the included Lone Wulf RDA. No other brand offers this kind of deal like you will find from Wolf Mods. However, if you are new to vaping there are a few things you should know before jumping into everything.

The Lone Wulf was and never has been designed for basic use. New vapor users and those interested in vaping should seek out a more simple mechanical mod to start out with. The main increase in popularity of mechanical mods is durability. Regular vaporizers are high electronic and if a part were to go wrong the whole unit would have to be replaced. Usually once the battery life has ended with the electronic vaporizers the device needs to be discarded. Some individuals choose a mechanical mod because it allows for its ability to run low resistance atomizers which can't be run on other vaping equipment, but it's riskier than running standard resistance vaping equipment so extra care is required.

If you're interested about using one a vape mod but are unsure of safety it should be noted that while many of these mods are near 100% safe they are never given a full 100% safety rating. Electronic personal vaporizers are generally considered safer than mechanical mods due to their internal safety features that protect against short circuits. With proper handling and proper knowledge though, a mechanical mod is perfectly safe.

Before using any mechanical mod, be sure you invest in a multi-meter. They only cost a few dollars and you'll be able to check the battery voltage anytime you feel necessary. This will protect you from experiencing an unplanned short circuiting issue. However, it should be noted that the less expensive the multi-meter the less accurate your readings will be.

The battery type and quality also play an important role in safety when it comes to mechanical mods. You definitely don't want to go cheap on the batteries and don't stretch them until there isn't anything left. Any batteries that appear to have been damaged along the outer casing should never be used in your mechanical mods. Nor should any unprotected lithium-ion batteries because they pose a greater risk in overheating during use. The safest battery to use is an IMR battery (lithium manganese oxide) because it's less volatile.

Nitecore Intelligcharger -->

Also note you are going to have to do some hunting for a proper battery charger. The market may be full of them but not all of them are created equal. The cheaper the build the more cheaply they perform. The real risk with cheap chargers is that they can overcharge a battery which will then cause the battery to become unstable and overheat, vent incorrectly, or even explode during use. An IMR battery that is fully charged should run between 4.15 and 4.20 volts. Anything about 4.20 volts is a risky venture and shouldn't be used.

Although this should go without saying, be sure you insert the batteries the correct way to keep the polarities in their proper place. Also don't stack any of your batteries and when you're not using your mechanical mod be sure to not remove the batteries. This saves the spring inside the mechanical mod from getting ruined.

A mechanical mod must have vent holes, which luckily the Lone Wulf does. Mechanical mods without vent holes are similar to hand grenades in batteries that are just waiting to explode. However, Wolf Mods has invested proper time and materials to create only the best and safest mechanical mod on the market today. The Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod is the best vape mod you can buy. As mentioned before, all of the parts are made of the highest quality copper and aluminum materials so you won't have to worry about a thing when it comes to your vapor experience.

The RDA on the Lone Wulf has a standard 4 post design like other models. However, unlike the competition, the solid copper block makes the vapor experience extremely impressive. The build deck is simple to use and doesn't require a large investment of time especially if you are well versed in rebuilding attys. When placed on the mod the atty is always lined up flushed which only makes this mechanical mod even better.

The Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod is an outstanding product that really delivers. If you are searching for a product that's affordable, built to last, and hits hard, this kit is for you.

3 Best RDAs 2017 December 17 2015, 3 Comments


#1. Lone Wulf RDA

The Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Kit is our top-selling product for good reason: It's great for blowing clouds and it simply works. The Lone Wulf RDA features a three-post design and a slit cut-out for easy rebuilding. You'll get great performance and, most importantly, massive clouds no matter what mechanical mod you pair it with.

#2. Hell Hound RDA


The Hell Hound RDA comes from Wulf Mods, the same manufacturer behind our #1 rated Lone Wulf RDA. The Hell Hound shares a lot of things in common with the Lone Wulf: three post design, easy rebuilding, and high quality construction. What really sets this apart, however, is the design. This unique square-shaped RDA looks great on any mechanical mod, especially box-shaped ones. Highly recommended.

#3. Tugboat RDA (Version 3)

This is the third version of one of the best high-end RDAs out there. The Tugboat is made in the USA by a team of cloud-chasing enthusiasts who are devoted to making the best atty that money can buy.


Vape Battery Safety September 13 2015, 5 Comments


While vaping is generally an extremely safe hobby to partake in, it can be dangerous if you choose to ignore basic battery safety advice. When vaping with unprotected lithium-ion batteries (aka the type of battery that most mods utilize), it’s extremely important to follow proper safety precautions to help avoid serious injury and damage to property.

General Battery Safety Guidelines

If the resting voltage is below 3.6V, recharge as soon as you can

To determine the exact voltage of your battery, it’s important to purchase a multimeter. It’s extremely important if you’re using mechanical mods and RDA’s, because it will allow you to test your coils and batteries to ensure that you’re not doing anything dangerous. While we don’t currently carry multimeters at MintyVapes, they are available for relatively cheap at places like Amazon.

If you leave your lithium-ion batteries in a discharged state, it can lead to a loss in capacity and a loss in cycles, and potentially permanent damage.

Do not overcharge your batteries

If lithium-ion batteries are overcharged, you run the risk of severely limiting the lifecycle of the batteries or, in extreme cases, you can cause them to burst. It’s extremely important to never leave your charging batteries unattended, and to make sure to check on them every 15-20 minutes so you can remove them once the charger indicates that they’re fully charged.

We highly recommend using the Nitecore Intellicharger for optimal results.

Do not short-circuit your batteries

This is mainly a concern for sub-ohm vapers who are using mechanical mods. When sub-ohming, you are essentially riding the lower limit of your batteries at a level where they are very close to short-circuiting. Be very careful to not exceed your batteries upper amp limit.

Don’t let loose batteries touch each other or metallic objects

Keeping loose batteries mixed together or mixed with other metallic objects has been known to cause a few serious fires. If you keep your loose batteries in your pocket alongside keys or change you can start a fire that will cause serious burns that will require extensive medical treatment. Make sure you get some kind of battery carrying case.

Don’t set your batteries on fire

This falls into the realm of common-sense, but it needs to be said anyway. If you need to get rid of your batteries, take them to some sort of recycling center, and DO NOT try to dispose of them in fire. The dangerous chemicals in the battery will explode.

Stay Under Your Battery’s Max Discharge Rate

Determining max discharge rate

Most newer batteries will list the maximum discharge rate in terms of amps (e.g. 15 amps, 20 amps, etc.) You need to make sure that your actual discharge rate is under the max discharge rate to ensure proper safety.

How to determine actual discharge rate

Here is a simple way to determine your actual discharge rate:


Use a multimeter to determine your voltage rate, and then divide that by the amount of Ohms of your coil. For example, your multimeter says that your voltage is at 4 volts. You’re using a coil that is at 0.4 Ohms. That means that you’re at 10 amps. If you’re battery is rated at 10 amps or above, you’re in the clear. If not, you need to build another coil (Inconvenient, but necessary.)

Now you know the most important basic safety precautions when vaping with lithium-ion batteries. It’s very important for all mod vapers to fully understand this material BEFORE you start vaping, especially if you’re planning on sub-ohming or using a mechanical mod.

Electronic Mods vs. Mechanical Mods August 02 2015, 2 Comments

If you’re looking to upgrade from a basic eGo style vape pen, you’ll notice that there are two main types of mods: electronic and mechanical. But which one is better for you?

Benefits of electronic mods

Electronic mods, such as the iTaste MVP 3.0 and the Conflict Box Mod, are mods that include electronic components. The benefits may include:

  • Voltage control
  • Wattage control
  • Ability to monitor battery life
  • Most electronic mods will regulate the batteries so that an even amount of power is used throughout the life of the battery
  • Ohms meter
  • LED screen
  • Ability to vape while charging
  • Less safety risk, due to the electronics regulating the battery output

Not every electronic mod contains all of these features, but they usually contain most of them. Check out the eLeaf iStick 30W for an excellent beginner electronic box mod.

Benefits of mechanical mods

Mechanical Mods, such as the Lone Wulf and the Hell Hound, are mods that contain no electronics and rely on a mechanical process to activate the battery. They are generally only recommended for advanced vapers who have knowledge of Ohm’s Law. The benefits may include:

  • Greater ability to customize your vaping experience, making them ideal for experienced vapers who know exactly what they want.
  • More durable and less likely to break down due to their simplistic mechanical components.
  • More power when at full battery charge
  • Aesthetic appeal

If you’re brand new to vaping with mods, purchasing an electronic mod is usually a better option. But once you’ve learned the ropes and are confident that you understand proper battery safety, getting a mechanical mod can lead to greater satisfaction with your vaping experience, especially if you’re the type who likes to tinker around and enjoy the hobby aspect of vaping.

Which type of mod do you prefer?

Best Gear For Blowing Clouds June 01 2015, 13 Comments


Blowing huge clouds is a goal that many vaping enthusiasts strive to achieve. But what kind of equipment is best?

There are many factors that you’ll have to tweak when figuring out how to blow the biggest clouds, but the main things to consider are air flow, power supply, and conductivity.


Most cloud chasers prefer mechanical mods, but these require extensive knowledge about battery safety to be used effectively. You’ll want a mech mod that has good vent holes as well as excellent connectivity. You can also get good results with regulated mods. Here are some recommended cloud chasing mods:


The Lone Wulf - This one has the best conductivity we’ve ever seen when paired with the Lone Wulf RDA. 

Hell Hound - Made by Wulf Mods (the same manufacturer as the Lone Wulf), this mechanical box mod is a dual-18650 powerhouse that will work best when paired with the Hell Hound RDA. 


If you prefer regulated devices, you'll want something that has more power.

The Kangertech KBOX 200 is a powerful little box mod that packs a huge amount of power in a small size. When paired with a sub-ohm capable tank, this thing produces massive clouds at an affordable price.

The Conflict 50W kit is an excellent way to blow clouds for beginners and intermediate vapers. This kit comes with both the Conflict mod and the Conflict sub-ohm tank for added cloud chasing capability.

The Smok H-Priv 220W is a brand new kit that gives you 220W of raw, uncompromising power and temperature control capability in one sleek, stylish box mod. This kit also includes the Micro TFV4 tank for ultimate sub-ohm vaping capability.

The Snow Wolf 75W is the latest version of the wildly popular Snow Wolf line. This box mod is one of the most popular mods in the vaping community, and for a good reason. This beautiful box mod provides the latest technology and is one of the most reliable mods available today.

The Wulf Mods 75W TC kit is the newest creation from Wulf Mods. If you've heard good things about the Lone Wulf and the Hell Hound, you're aware of the stellar reputation that Wulf Mods has. They've brought their mechanical mod talent to the regulated box mod world with this amazing device.

The Lavabox DNA 200 is and American-mad limited edition box mod from Volcano E-Cigs. This mod is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing and well-constructed mods on the list. It looks and feels expensive, and delivers out of this world performance. It's also available in an extremely limited Blood Red color.

The Sigelei 75W Temperature Control box mod is an outstanding choice if you're looking to purchase something from one of the most reputable manufacturers in the vaping business today. Sigelei has a well-earned rep for creating high quality devices, and it really shows with this temperature control mod.

The Innokin Cool Fire IV Apex Starter Kit is a great choice if you're looking for a kit that includes both a mod and a tank. This kit includes both the Cool Fire IV box mod and the iSub Apex tank. It makes for a great introductory starter kit for someone looking to blow clouds.

The Smok G-PRIV kit is a must-have for anyone who prefers touchscreen box mods. Featuring 220W of raw power, the G-PRIV full kit includes a TFV8 Baby Beast sub-ohm tank for added cloud-chasing awesomeness.



If you’re cloud chasing, you’ll generally want to be using an RDA.

You can blow big clouds with just about any RDA, but here are some of the ones we recommend:

Lone Wulf (This is the best one we’ve used so far, it comes in a kit combined with the Lone Wulf Mod and RDA.)

Tugboat  This is an American-made RDA that features a really solid 3-post design. You'll get dual airflow holes and plenty of room to accommodate even the craziest builds.


Sub-Ohm Tanks

If you're more of a fan of regulated box mods, sub ohm tanks are one of the best ways to get your cloud chasing fix.

Wulf Mods Plus This tank is idea for kanthal and nichrome coils, and is one of the easiest ways to blow clouds with a box mod.

Sense Herakles This classic tank is one of the most popular tanks around the world for sub-ohm vaping.

Baijiada Mermaid This is another great choice for sub-ohm vapers, brought to you by the same manufacturer as the Herakles.


When building coils, you can use a wide variety of different wire sizes. You’ll have to experiment to see which one suits you the best. But the most important thing to consider if you want to blow clouds is surface area and contact between the wire and the wick.

Get spools of wire and pre-wrapped coils here.


You’ll most likely be sub-ohming while cloud chasing, so you’ll need a high quality battery that can handle it. We recommend either Wulf Mods or Vamped batteries for cloud chasing purposes. Make sure that you read up on battery safety before you attempt to cloud chase, because unsafe sub-ohm vaping has led to rare injuries.


You’ll want as much VG as possible. 100% is idea for cloud chasing, but anything over 75% will do the trick. Get e-juice here.

So there you have it! All the gear you need to start cloud chasing in one article! Don’t forget to research battery safety before you attempt to use any of the gear in this article. This article is geared towards vapers who are using mods to vape e-juice. If you're looking to get started vaping wax, we'd recommend using an e-nail to get the maximum amount of vapor. Read our best choices for e-nails in 2017 here.

3 best vaping apps for Windows Phone March 28 2015, 0 Comments

Here is a list of the best vaping apps available for Windows Phone. Be sure to also check out our previous articles about the best vaping apps for iPhone and Android.


Helps you keep track of how much you've saved through vaping and helps you manage your device setup. Great for those who want an app to help with rebuilding coils. Get it here.

E-Cig Vape Calc

Helps you calculate ohms, watts, coil length, and allows you to mix your own e-juice. Great for basic calculations. Get it here.

E-Cig Companion

Similar to the other two in that it allows you to do basic calculations and keep track of how long you've gone without a cigarette. Get it here.

Which is your favorite Windows Phone vaping app?

3 best vaping apps for Android March 26 2015, 1 Comment

We previously wrote an article about the top vaping apps for iPhone, but we didn't forget about you Android users! Here's a list of some popular vaping apps for Android smartphones.

E-Cig Diary

This one is pretty self explanatory. E-Cig Diary is an app that allows you to keep track of your day to day savings starting from the time that you switched away from the analogs. This is a must-have tool for those who want to monitor their health and stay motivated.

E-Juice Me Up

This app is designed for those of you who like to make your own DIY juice. You can blend your PG, VG, nicotine and water levels, and flavoring percentage right there on the app. If you want a simple tool that will greatly enhance your DIY e-juice, this app is the way to go.


This app is the gold standard when it comes to vaping apps. This app will help you with coil wrapping, Ohm's Law, and e-juice mixing. This app gets updated frequently, so new features can be expected soon.

Between these three apps, you should have everything that you'd ever need to assist you with vaping. Which is your favorite Android vape app?



3 benefits of sub-ohm vaping February 26 2015, 25 Comments

Sub-Ohm vaping refers to vaping with a resistance level of less than 1.0 Ohms. Anything higher than that is considered to be regular resistance vaping. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the various online vape communities, you’ll notice that sub-ohming is a popular and controversial trend in vaping. What are the benefits?

Cloud Chasing

When vaping with a sub-ohm atomizer, you’ll be using a bigger wick and coil. Basically you’ll be using much more battery power to spread heat over a larger surface of the e-juice. This causes more vapor to be produced with each puff, which is what leads to those huge clouds that you see at cloud chasing competitions.

If you’re worried about the extra heat burning your juice, don’t worry. There is more heat overall, but each specific point will be receiving the same amount of heat. The extra vapor is produced by the fact that it is spread out over a bigger surface area.


Due to the extra heat that is created, sub-ohming creates a much warmer vapor. Those of you who prefer a cool vape will probably not be the biggest fans of sub-ohming.



For the same reason that sub-ohming tends to produce larger clouds, it also tends to unlock much more flavor. More vapor with each puff means more flavor as well. This is by far the most popular reason that people start sub-ohming, especially if they suffer from vaper’s tongue.

Why is it controversial?

Sub-ohm vaping is completely safe if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, it can cause serious injury and property damage. If you don’t have a good working knowledge of Ohm’s Law and/or you are brand new to vaping, don’t start sub-ohming without doing a lot of research. While teaching people how to safely sub-ohm is outside the bounds of this blog post, I’d highly recommend that you spend time researching on sites such as the E-Cigarette Forum to ensure that you have enough knowledge to safely sub-ohm.

What if I don’t know how to rebuild atomizers?

Rebuilding atomizers is a popular and rewarding hobby, but it’s not for everyone. If you don’t have the time or mechanical inclination to start rebuilding, there are actually non-rebuildable sub-ohm tanks available. The Aspire Atlantis is one of the most highly rated non-rebuildable sub-ohm clearomizers on the market today. When paired with a high quality mechanical mod, this tank will have you blowing glorious clouds and unleashing tons of flavor from your e-juice without any rebuilding skills.

If you're looking for an easy way to start sub-ohm vaping, be sure to check out the Aspire Platinum Starter Kit, which includes everything you need to start sub-ohm vaping without any technical knowledge.

Who should use a mechanical mod? January 08 2015, 2 Comments

What is a mechanical mod?

A mechanical mod is an unregulated type of device. There is no circuitry in the mod to keep the voltage steady throughout the life of the battery. Since you are running directly off the battery you can't increase or decrease the voltage and the vape will slowly become weaker over the lifespan of the battery. However, there are no advanced electronics in mechanical mods which makes them extremely durable. They are ideal for those who want something that is dependable and won't break down. So when should you use them?

If you're using rebuildable atomizers

 Mechanical mods are an excellent choice for those who choose to use rebuildable atomizers. When rebuilding, it's necessary to to fire the mod to see how the coil is performing and make adjustments. When using a regulated mod, it will either stop working or display an error message. The mechanical mod will still fire, allowing the user to make adjustments without waiting for the mod to reset or clear error codes. So while it's not a requirement to use mech mods when rebuilding atomizers, most rebuilders tend to prefer them.

Sub-Ohm Vaping (Extremely low resistance vaping)

First of all, if you are a novice vaper DO NOT ATTEMPT SUB-OHM VAPING. If you don't thoroughly understand Ohm's Law, amperage calculations, and battery c-ratings, then do not under any circumstances attempt sub-ohm vaping. It can cause serious injury and property damage if not done properly.

Now that the obligatory safety warnings are out of the way, sub-ohm vapers tend to prefer mech mods because the lack of circuity ensures that there are no electronic protections. A mechanical mod will fire anything that you put on it, including extremely low resistance items. Regulated devices will display an error message or completely shut off if the resistance is too low. By definition, mechanical mods will not do this and will fire regardless of the resistance level.

Other reasons

While sub-ohm vaping and rebuildable atomizers are two of the most common practical reasons to use a mechanical mod, there are other reasons why people choose to use mechanicals:

  • Simplicity of design - Mechanical mods tend to have an extremely clean and simple, sleek look to them that appeals to lots of vapers.
  • Durability - As mentioned before, the lack of electronic circuitry ensures that most mechanical mods will last a long time. There are no electronics that can malfunction.
  • Bottom firing buttons - Since the button has to be in contact with the battery, most mechanical mods will have a bottom firing button. 
  • They are currently popular - Honestly, this is probably the most common reason amongst those who aren't total vaping nerds. Mechanicals have exploded in popularity lately are the coolest thing in vaping at the moment.

When it comes down to it, deciding whether to use a mechanical mod or a regulated variable voltage mod is a matter of personal preference. So which type of mod do you vape with?

by Robert Pagano

    Are mods better than vape pens? December 05 2014, 1 Comment

    If you've been vaping with a vape pen for any length of time, you've most likely seen fellow vapers with these huge contraptions blowing out glorious clouds of vapor. But what are the benefits of mods as opposed to vape pens?


    Ability to customize

    Mods give you virtually unlimited ability to customize your vaping experience. You'll have the ability to buy different tanks and find out which one suits your vaping needs. Some atomizers and subtanks are rebuildable, giving you even more ability to customize. With most mods, you'll be able to try out different battery sizes, and find out which one gives you the right amount of power. With vape pens, you're usually stuck with the battery that came in the box.

    More power

    Mods use bigger batteries(usually 18650-sized) that will give you much more power than the standard vape pen battery. This is ideal for those who want to blow bigger clouds and get more vapor with each inhale. 

    They look cool

    Originally, most mods were homemade by vaping enthusiasts who wanted to customize their vaporizers. Those days are ancient history at this point. Most modern box mods include a plethora of cool features including temperature control, variable voltage/wattage, touch screen tech, and more. Some of these mods are built with such attention to detail that they are basically works of art. Compared to the utilitarian appearance of most vape pens (but not all), mods simply look way cooler.

    But what if I'm happy with my vape pen?

    Then don't worry about it! I'd always recommend that people who've been vaping for a while give mods a shot, because they really can dramatically improve your vaping experience, but there's nothing wrong with vape pens. Most vape pens are extremely high quality and will produce a flavorful vapor. In fact, some mod vapers will carry around a vape pen on days that they don't feel like lugging around their gigantic mod. 


    Has anyone made the switch to from vape pen to mod? How was your experience?

    3 Best Atomizers November 01 2014, 0 Comments

    #3 Kamry X8 Atomizer

    • Rebuildable
    • Designed specifically to prevent leaking
    • Stainless steel drip tip
    • Extremely popular
    • Chrome plated

    You can buy a Kamry X8 Atomizer by clicking here.

    #2 Kamry X2 Atomizer


    • Dual coils
    • Extended life cycle (good for up to 8000 uses)
    • Built using stainless steel and features diamond cut edges
    • Designed with the experienced vaper in mind

    You can buy a Kamry X2 Atomizer by clicking here.

    #1 Prometheus Rebuildable Atomizer


    • Built with stainless steel and features diamond cut edges
    • Adjustable and lockable airflow ring
    • Copper pin
    • Features one positive post and two negative posts
    • For advanced vapers who wants to rebuild their atomizer
    • Ideal for those who are willing to spend more for quality

    You can buy a Prometheus Rebuildable Atomizer by clicking here.

    Which is your favorite atomizer?

    by Robert Pagano

    3 best herbal vape pens October 12 2014, 0 Comments

    Atmos Orbit

    • Features no exposed coils, heats your dried herb like an oven
    • No risk of burning your herbal blend
    • Scratch resistant anodized aluminum shell, leather base
    • LED light in heating chamber makes this vape pen easy to use

    Buy one here.

    G Pen Snoop Dogg Limited Edition Herbal Vaporizer

    • Personally designed by Snoop Dogg
    • Limited Edition version of the popular G Pen Herbal Vaporizer
    • Built with stainless steel
    • Includes Snoop Dogg signature engraving

    Buy a Snoop Dogg vaporizer here.

    Atmos Boss


    • Stainless steel heating chamber
    • Water resistant heating chamber
    • Easy to clean
    • Extremely durable

    Buy an Atmos Boss vape pen here.

    by Robert Pagano

    Volcano vaporizer review 2014 September 27 2014, 0 Comments

    The Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital vaporizers sport a hefty price tag. The question on everyone's mind is: Is it worth it? 

    If you're going to spend money on a vaporizer, you want something that's going to work, produce high quality flavorful vapor, and you'll want it to last a long time. Fortunately, with the Volcano line of vaporizers you'll be getting a device that has been proven to be more than capable on every metric that a vaporizer is judged on. 

    How it works

    The Volcano works by heating up your herbal blend to the perfect temperature for vaporization. You have the ability to customize the temperature on both the Classic and the Digital versions. The vapor is then transferred to a balloon. The simplicity of the design is very deceptive, because the Volcano produces an incredibly high quality vapor. The balloons are particularly awesome, because they allow you to store the vapor for later use without having to vaporize more of your herbal blend. 

    Appearance and craftsmanship

    While the vapor quality is top notch, that's not the best thing about the Volcano vaporizer. What causes it to really stand out is the design. To put it simply, this thing looks awesome. It's made out of stainless steel, so if you're a clumsy type you won't have to worry about it breaking when  you drop it. The Volcano is designed in Germany, and the German reputation for making high quality products is very apparent with the Volcano. 

    Overall, the Volcano is a 10/10 in the herbal blend table top vaporizer category. The wide range of temperature settings (266-466 degrees), the high quality vapor, and the easy availability of replacement parts, combined with state of the art design and appearance, make the Volcano table top vaporizer a must have for the serious herbal blend vaper. You can buy one here.

    by Robert Pagano

    Ultimate list of vaping apps for iPhone September 22 2014, 2 Comments

    Here is a roundup of some of the most popular vaping/electronic-cigarette apps available for the iPhone.


    Vapemate is a calculator and timer that shows you how long it’s been since you quit smoking/started vaping. This app keeps track of how much money you’ve spent on vaping supplies and how much you would have spent on smoking.  It also tells you how many cigarettes you have avoided since you quit. Get it here.


    Vapor+ is an app that features an Ohms calculator that also displays amps. Also includes a savings calculator, links to top vaping sites, and an e-juice mixer. Get it here.

    E-liquid Mixer

    A simple app designed for vapers who want to mix their own e-liquid. Get it here.


    Coil Calculator

    This app is a must for people who are looking to start building their own coils. Just choose your type of wire and simulate your scenario to help you figure out the answers to any questions you might have. Get it here.


    This is a standard stop smoking calculator with a twist. It’s actually an app designed to help researchers better understand how to help people to quit smoking. You’ll be asked to log how many times per day you feel cravings and how severe they were.  Get it here.

    Vape Maps

    This is a vape store locator with product lists and user reviews. Great for use while traveling and in need of vaping supplies. Get it here.

    Vaporizer Buying Guide

    Just answer a few questions, and this app will tell you what the perfect vaporizer is for your own vaping needs. Get it here.


    Vaped Up

    Vaped Up is another vape shop locator app. Get it here.


    For those of you who have herbal blend vaporizers, this app features everything you would ever need to know about cannabis. Includes reviews, nearby dispensaries and more. Get it here.

    What's your favorite vaporizer iPhone app?

    Sign up for our e-mail list below for more up to date vaping information!

    by Robert Pagano


    G Pen Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer Review 2014 September 21 2014, 1 Comment


    You’ll first realize that this isn’t your typical vape pen when you look at the box. The matte finish and the intricately designed map of Snoop Dogg’s hometown of Long Beach put the packaging for other vape pens to shame. This almost makes me feel like I’m about to get the latest iDevice from Apple instead of a vape pen.

    Appearance of the vape pen

    The vape pen features the same map of Long Beach that is found on the packaging. It has a very expensive feel to it, with a rubbery finish and a little bit of weight to it. Nothing about this vape pen feels cheap so far. Grenco Science has a reputation for producing quality vaporizers, and this Snoop Dogg Limited Edition is no exception.


    After grinding the herbal blend, I lightly packed it into the heating chamber and put the mouthpiece back on. So far, everything about this G Pen is very user friendly, nothing that an inexperienced vaper wouldn’t be able to figure out on their own in just a few minutes.

    After heating up the herbal blend and taking a puff, the first thing you’ll notice is how smooth the vapor is. Once you exhale you’ll see a large cloud of vapor. For a vape pen of it’s size, the G Pen Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer is extremely effective in delivering a quality vapor and an impressive cloud.

    Overall, I give this vape pen a 10/10. From the high end aesthetic properties, to the ease of use, and the extremely high quality of the vapor, the G Pen Snoop Dogg edition delivers everything that you could possibly want from an herbal blend vaporizer. I'm usually skeptical of celebrity endorsed products, but this is one of the few cases where the reality matches the hype. You can buy one here.

    Atmos A-Pen review 2014 September 18 2014, 0 Comments

    Vape pens have been exploding in popularity lately, and Atmos has emerged as one of the top manufacturers for these devices in recent years. With the Atmos A-Pen they are taking a stab at the mid range market and have produced a vape pen that creates a high quality vapor at an affordable price, without all the bells and whistles.

    Build quality

    Surprisingly, for its price the Atmos A-Pen is a sturdily constructed vape pen. It has a battery, mouthpiece, a clip on top, and a cartridge tank to put e-juice in. The simplicity of the parts and design are very impressive. Instead of trying to throw together as many fancy features as possible, it seems like Atmos decided to build something that just works. And it seems like they've been successful. The A-Pen looks great, nothing fancy, just your classic vape pen design. The main difference between the appearance of the A-Pen and other vape pens is the clip on top that makes this device look like an actual pen when the cap is on. 

    Vapor quality

     The vapor quality that we got out of this vape pen was impressive for a device in this price range. It may not be nearly as good as what you could expect from a higher end vape pen, but as long as you aren't under any illusions about this being a top of the line vaporizer, you'll be more than satisfied. We noticed that the Atmos A-Pen produced a really strong vapor, with a smoothness and flavor to it that can usually only be found in more expensive vape pens. 

    Overall, I would rate the Atmos A-Pen as an 8/10. It does exactly what you would expect it to: deliver a high quality vapor at an affordable price. I would recommend this vape pen for beginners looking to purchase their first vape pen as well as experienced vapers who want a second device as a backup. 

    You can buy the Atmos A-Pen here.

    by Robert Pagano

    Atmos RX review 2014 September 17 2014, 0 Comments

    The Atmos RX is one of the most popular vape pens for dry herbs on the market today. Here's what you need to know about it:

    Vaping with dry herbs

    The first thing that you'll need to do before vaping dry herbs with the Atmos RX is to insert the included glass screen insert. This small glass insert creates space between the heating coil and your dry herb, ensuring that none of the herbs are burnt during the heating process. The heating coil heats up the glass screen, which then heats your dry herbs to the point of vaporization. 

    Now that you've inserted the glass screen, you're ready to put your herbs into the heating chamber. You'll want to make sure that your herbs are finely ground, and then lightly pack them into the heating chamber. You don't want to pack them too tightly, as a little bit of airflow is optimal for proper vaporization. Different people have different preferences when it comes to the proper temperature for vaporization, but with the Atmos RX generally the best method to heat your herbs is as follows:

    1. Hold down the power button for nine seconds

    2. Release for three seconds

    3. Hold down for another nine seconds

    4. Release and press the power button again and inhale

    Using this method, most people achieve an extremely high quality of vapor. Your results may vary. If your herbs are burning, hold down the power button for a few seconds less. Every second counts. If you hold it down for 6-8 seconds instead of the full 9, you might get a better vapor quality, depending on what type of herb you're using and your personal preference. Also, make sure to use your packing tool to sift through the heating chamber and mix the herbs, this will prevent you from burning the herbs that are closest to the heating chamber and will improve the taste and quality of the vapor coming our of the Atmos RX vape pen.

    Usually, with on lightly packed (3/4 full) heating chamber, you can get at least 5 quality draws before you have to empty it out and put in new herbs. When emptying our the heating chamber, make sure to use the cleaning brush to carefully clean out any remnants from the previous herbs before refilling it. Be careful to not insert the cleaning brush too far, as you could damage the heating coils.

    Vaping with oil

    While the Atmos RX vaporizer pen has been designed specifically for vaping dry herbs, there is an oil adapter that can be purchased. The oil adapter can be used to vape any of the e-liquids that are designed for e-cigarettes, which is pretty cool because it eliminates the need to buy another vape pen if you want to enjoy vaping e-liquids. 


    You'll get better results from your Atmos RX if you use it on a full charge. Using it to the point where it runs out of battery life tends to give suboptimal vapor quality. The included USB charger can be plugged into a computer or a wall adapter. 

    Overall, I give this vape pen a 9/10. If you're looking for a dry herb vaporizer that you can carry around in your pocket, it doesn't get any better than this. The vapor quality rivals that of larger table top vapes that you have to leave at home, except this one can be carried anywhere. Some of the bigger models may have more features, but for what it is you can't go wrong with the Atmos RX dry herb vape pen.  You can buy one here.

    by Robert Pagano


    Is e-juice dangerous? September 10 2014, 0 Comments

    The recent hysterical reporting about pets and children being poisoned by e-cigarette juice refills, it's important to remember a few things about e-juice safety.

    • Don't drink it
    • Keep it away from children
    • Keep it away from pets

    If you follow those basic guidelines, you'll have nothing to worry about. E-juice absolutely is dangerous to drink, it's liquid nicotine after all. But you know what else is poisonous? Every cleaning supply in your house, every liquid that you put in your car (oil, antifreeze, etc.), alcohol, even toothpaste. Seriously. According to this article, toothpaste is MORE DANGEROUS than e-juice.

    Here are the numbers for poisoning cases in one year:

    • 1,300 from vaporizer e-juice
    • 193,443 from household cleaning supplies
    • 54,445 from alcoholic beverages
    • 11,848 from ink
    • 20,306 from toothpaste

     Follow the same safety guidelines that you follow for all those other dangerous substances and you'll be fine. The hysterical calls to regulate e-cigarettes and e-juice based on the fact that poisoning cases are on the rise are completely ridiculous, and in my opinion are most likely using false safety concerns as a way to ban something that has done more to save lives and help people quit smoking than anything else. Could it be that Big Tobacco is worried that something will finally cause people to stop killing themselves with cigarettes and will reduce their profits?

    by Robert Pagano


    What makes a clearomizer awesome? September 02 2014, 0 Comments

    There are a wide variety of clearomizers that have been manufactured in recent years, especially since vape pens and mods have exploded in popularity lately. The different brands, and even different models that are built by the same brand, come with many different features. Some of these clearomizers are awesome. They'll give you the maximum flavor from your e-juice and will have you blowing clouds in no time. Others are not so good and your vapor flavor and quality will suffer. So what exactly makes a clearomizer awesome?

    Wicking material

    Most pre-built clearomizers come with a silica wick, which is just fine for the vast majority of vapers. However, a small subset of people choose to build their own clearomizers and they tend to prefer organic cotton wicking material. They claim that it offers superior flavor compared to silica wicks. 

    What is the tank made out of?

    Some tanks are made out of plastic while others are made out of glass. Clearomizers made out of glass tend to give you more flavor than their plastic counterparts.

    Number of coils

    Pre-built clearomizers usually come with either a single coil or a dual coil setup. If you're looking for more flavor and more vapor, than you'll want to go with a dual coil clearomizer. Generally speaking, more coils means a better vaping experience. People who build their own coils have been known to put 3, 4, even 8 coils in one clearomizer! If you just want to extend your battery life, go with a single coil version.

    What else do you look for when buying a clearomizer?

    by Robert Pagano

    This week in vape news 8/22/14 August 22 2014, 0 Comments

    Some of the latest news about vaporizers this week:

    The word "vape" has been added to the Oxford dictionary, vaporizers will be included in Oscar gift bags next year,  more research shows that e-cigarettes are safer than analog cigarettes, controversy over e-cigarettes on planes, and more bans on e-cigarette use in public.

    What other news have you seen this week about vaporizers?

    by Robert Pagano