Why the new FDA regulations are bad news for vapers May 09 2014, 0 Comments

If the latest FDA regulations on vaporizers are implemented, it will harm consumers and small businesses and will help Big Tobacco by hampering an industry that has done more to reduce rates of smoking than anything else in the last 50 years. 

Sound like a bold claim? It is. But it's also true. Just take a few minutes to view the various vaping communities on Google+, Facebook, and Reddit. You'll see countless stories of people who've spent years trying different methods to quit smoking, and nothing worked until they started vaping. 

The new regulations would require a costly registration process for manufacturers of vaporizers, effectively making it too cost prohibitive for all but the biggest companies, who mainly produce the small disposable e-cigarette devices, which are significantly less effective in helping smokers quit. 

The regulations also signal an intention to ban the various popular e-liquid flavors. Most smokers have said that using the cheap, disposable e-cigarettes made it extremely difficult to quit smoking, and they didn't kick the habit until they upgraded to refillable devices with custom flavors. The ability to choose a variety of different flavors has been one of the main reasons that smokers have switched to vaping.

CASAA has estimated that as many as a million smokers have quit smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes, and that if the FDA regulations make it more difficult to obtain them then a lot of these former smokers will revert back to smoking cigarettes. 

What do you think about the FDA regulations?

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by Robert Pagano