5 best portable vaporizers 2014 May 30 2014, 0 Comments

#5. Vaporblunt 2.0 Portable Vaporizer


The cool thing about this portable vaporizer is that it's compatible with both oils and herbal blends. That makes this unit ideal if you are the type of person who likes to vape both types of material. The vapor quality that is produced by this portable vape is top notch. 

#4 Puffit X

I really like the unique design on the Puffit X. It looks very similar to a medical inhaler, so it's really good for people who might not want the world to know that they're vaping, since it looks like you're just taking your medicine. Obviously, this design isn't for everyone, but surprisingly, they didn't sacrifice quality in favor of looks. This portable vape will produce some of the best quality vapor available.

#3 Sonic Portable Vaporizer

The Sonic portable vaporizer is truly one of a kind. The small square shaped design is perfect for fitting into your pocket, making it truly portable. For that reason, it's been one of the most popular portable vaporizers that we offer.

#2 Vapir NO2 portable vaporizer

 Vapir is widely regarded as being one of the greatest vape manufacturers out there today. What makes this portable vape really stand out is the fact that Vapir actually went out and asked vapers what they were looking for in their dream vaporizer and then made it. So the Vapir NO2 is literally the vaporizer of your dreams. You could do way worse than buying this awesome portable vape.

#1 miniVAP portable vaporizer

The miniVAP portable vape is definitely one of the more expensive vaporizers out there, but if you can afford it, this is literally the best portable vaporizer, in my opinion. When making the miniVAP, the manufacturer spared no expense in ensuring that you would receive the best in form and function. This unit looks great and the vapor quality is unrivaled.