Best reasons to buy a vape in 2014 June 18 2014, 0 Comments


A large amount of people who have switched from smoking to vaping have reported that improved health has been one of the best benefits. Reduced coughing, reduced shortness of breath after exercise, and less overall fatigue have been among the most common benefits mentioned by new vapers. Burning anything and inhaling the smoke is going to be significantly more dangerous than inhaling vapor. Additionally, the many chemicals that are added to cigarettes tend to exacerbate health problems among smokers. These chemicals aren't present in vapor. Additionally, there are a wide variety of vapes that are designed specifically for dry herbs, so if you've previously been smoking your dry herbs it's easy to make the switch to vaping.

More advanced technology

In 2014, vaping has exploded in popularity compared to even just one year ago. Thanks to the fact that vaping has become mainstream, manufacturers have been forced to create higher quality products to help meet the demand of discerning customers. The market for vaporizers has become much more mature, and because of that buying a vape in 2014 is a better idea than ever before.

Saving money

Cigarette prices vary by region, but no matter where you live they are way too expensive. Buying a vape pen and vaping e-liquid tends to be significantly cheaper over the long run when compared to purchasing cigarettes. It's a no brainer. If you're looking to vape dry herbs, you should know that your herbs will tend to last much longer in a vaporizer than they ever will with smoking. Either way, the initial investment in buying a vaporizer will be more than worth it over the long run.

They look cool!

Most of the vaporizers on the market today are designed to be not just practical, but also to be pleasing to the eye. With the variety of colors and designs on the market today, vapes are practically fashion accessories. Even celebrities have been spotted vaping in public. This is a far cry from the disgusting look and smell of traditional cigarettes. 

What's your reason for starting to vape?

by Robert Pagano