Can vaping help save money? June 21 2014, 0 Comments

The health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping are already well established, but what about the financial benefits? Can vaping really help you save money? It's tempting to look at the high initial cost of purchasing a vaporizer and conclude that it's just not worth it to shell out that kind of cash, when buying another pack of cigarettes is so much cheaper. But is it really?

It'll come as no surprise when I tell you that cigarette prices are way too expensive. Buying  a vape pen that is designed for nicotine e-liquid, such as the Atmos Optimus 510 or the Atmos Nuke, is the best solution. Prices for e-liquid tend to be way cheaper, and a bottle of e-liquid will last you much longer than a pack of cigarettes. 

Additionally, if you're looking for a vaporizer that specializes in dry herbs, such as the Atmos RX or the Volcano, then the news is even better. Vaping has been reported by customers to cause dry blends to last up to three times longer than smoking. It's not hard to see how the savings add up in the long run. 

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by Robert Pagano