Tips to help you stick with vaping (and never go back to smoking) July 01 2014, 0 Comments

Like most new vapers, you started to help quit smoking. Buying your first vape is definitely a step in the right direction, and for some people they never look back. But for a lot of former smokers they find that sometimes they get a craving for the old analog cigarettes. Before you abandon all of the progress you've made and buy a pack of smokes, try some of these techniques first:

Keep a small bottle of high nicotine e-liquid just in case

Normally, you'll want to start vaping with a high nicotine e-juice and work your way down to help eliminate the nicotine addiction. But if you've started to taper down to a lower nicotine, sometimes the craving for a cigarette will come back. In that case, having an "emergency" bottle of high nicotine e-liquid that you can vape will help to reduce those cravings. I'd recommend keeping one small bottle, nothing much larger than 5ml, so that the higher nicotine level doesn't become a habit and can only be used for those situations where you're about to quit vaping and start smoking again. 

Switch flavors occasionally

For some vapers, once they find a flavor that they really love, they'll start vaping that particular e-liquid almost exclusively. This can lead to the phenomenon known as "vapers tongue", which means that you're taste buds won't be as receptive to that flavor anymore and the flavor won't be as strong. The wide variety of delicious e-liquid flavors are one of the many reasons why people switch to vaping from smoking, but if you can't taste the flavor any more you might forget that and feel the craving for those disgusting cigarettes again. When this happens, switching to a different flavor can help to remedy the situation. Once you remember how awesome e-liquid flavors are, you won't be interested in smoking a nasty cigarette ever again.

Remember why you quit smoking in the first place

Remember, the health benefits of vaping as compared to smoking are tremendous. We're very fortunate to be living in a time where there's actually a product that is effective at helping you to quit smoking. Stick with it. Giving in and smoking a cigarette might seem worth it in the short term, but in the long run you'll regret not sticking with your decision.

What helps you fight the urge to go back to smoking?

By Robert Pagano