3 Best Table Top Vapes 2014 July 05 2014, 0 Comments

Table top vapes give you the ability to produce high quality vapor from your herbal blends at home. Here are, in my opinion, the 3 best vaporizers in the table top category. Use discount code "table5" to take 5% off any of our high end table top vapes.

#3 Arizer Extreme Q

The Arizer Extreme Q is one of the highest rated table top vapes on the market. This balloon bag and forced air vaporizer has features that are typically found in table top vaporizers that cost hundreds of dollars more. The vapor quality and flavor produced by this vape is far superior to any other vaporizer in this price range. 

#2 Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer table top vape is one of the most popular vaporizers on the market. Made by the same company that manufactures the Da Buddha, these vaporizers are built with the vaping connoisseur in mind. The attention to detail in these table top vaporizers is astounding. Additionally, the Silver Surfer table top vape is one of the most user friendly vaporizers ever made, making it ideal for first time vapers. It is manufactured in a variety of colors, so if you like to personalize your table top vape, the Silver Surfer is perfect for you.

#1 Volcano Digital

The Volcano Digital table top vaporizer is not cheap, but I've never met someone who wasn't completely satisfied with their purchase. Why? Because this is the top of the line vaporizer that all other table top vapes are compared to. The stunning design, ease of use, and superior vapor quality leave nothing to be desired. If you're the type who wants nothing less than the best, the Volcano Digital is the way to go.

What's your favorite table top vape?

by Robert Pagano