The definitive guide to buying a vape pen July 13 2014, 0 Comments

What is your reason for vaping?

I’ve already written several articles about the different reasons that people start vaping, but to recap there are a couple of major reasons:

1. You currently smoke cigarettes and you heard that vape pens will help you quit.

This is the most common reasons that people choose to start vaping. If this is your reason, you’ll want to purchase a vape pen that allows you to vape nicotine e-liquids, such as the Atmos Optimus 510. The nicotine in the e-liquid and the wide variety of flavors available have been shown to be enormously beneficial for smokers who are looking to quit, and significantly healthier than smoking.

2. You currently smoke herbal blends and you heard that vaping them will be healthier and help save money.

In this case, you’ll want a vape pen that has been specifically designed to vape dried blends. The Atmos RX is one of most popular of the dried blend vape pens on the market. Vaping your herbal blend instead of burning and smoking it causes it to last longer, which will help save money in the long run. Inhaling a vapor is also much healthier than inhaling the smoke that comes from burning the herbal blend.

3. It seems like an interesting hobby to get involved in.

Vaping is more than just a  practical way to save money or quit smoking. It’s also an extremely popular hobby. Most people who get into vaping for this reason end up buying a mod vape, because they allow you to experiment with a variety of different settings and hardware. Some people like to make their own e-juice flavors. There are even people who build their own mods. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s always a good idea to buy a regular vape pen so you can get the hang of things before upgrading to something more customizable, like a Nemesis mechanical mod.

What is your price range?

Next you’ll have to decide just how much money you want to spend. At the extreme low end, you can buy cheap cig-a-likes from the gas station. This is how most people get started with vaping. The problem is that they cost more in the long run and they aren’t nearly as effective at helping you quit smoking as a higher quality vape pen. The similarity to regular cigarettes tends to make it way harder to resist going back to the real thing for many new vapers. It’s recommended that you buy a real vape pen if you’re serious about quitting.

You start to really see the benefits of vaping once you get to the mid-range in prices. There a few high quality vape pens that can be purchased for less than 75 dollars, including the highly rated Cloud V and the Atmos Thermo W. Both of these high quality vape pens are extremely affordable and also very highly reviewed. At this price level, you start to get a better quality product that will give  you the ability to use whatever flavor of e-liquid that you want.

At the next higher level (75-100 dollars) you’ll get a vape pen that has been manufactured to a much higher quality. You’ll encounter a lot less leaking and get a little bit more functionality out of your vape pen. The Zemo Pro is one of the more popular vape pens at this price level.

Next up are the expensive, high end vape pens. At this level you’ll get optimum functionality. They have usually been designed to provide the maximum amount of flavor and superior vapor quality compared to lower end models. They also tend be constructed better and are much less likely to break. The Delta9 Persei is a good example of an extremely high end vape pen.

Where to buy?

It may be tempting to buy your vape pen from other sites which might offer their vape pens at bargain prices. At, we sell our vape pens at the lowest fully warrantied price allowed by the manufacturer. If you find them for cheaper elsewhere, they’re either refurbished models or are being sold by an unauthorized retailer.

How to know which specific model to buy?

Hopefully this article helped you to narrow down your choice. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to chat with us using the chat window in the lower right corner or ask in the comment section below!

by Robert Pagano