8 benefits of vaping that only former smokers will understand July 19 2014, 0 Comments

Nothing compares to the feeling of finally finding something that will help you quit smoking and therefore improve your health. But other than the obvious health benefits, there are numerous other benefits to vaping that former smokers will recognize. Here is a list of some of them:

1. Vaping indoors when it's raining outside

You get to watch from your window while all of the smokers get rained/snowed on while you stay dry and vape indoors.

2. Saving money

Smoking analogs is one of the most expensive habits you can have. Switching to vaping saves money over the long term.

3. Flavors

Does anybody really enjoy smoking something that tastes like an ashtray? Vaping e-liquid gives you the ability to enjoy just about any flavor imaginable while still getting the nicotine buzz.

4. Sense of smell and taste recover after quitting cigarettes

One of the many negative aspects of smoking is that you lose your sense of smell and taste. Once you switch to vaping, you'll regain most of what you lost due to cigarettes. 

5. Being able to exercise

Smoking on a regular basis destroys your lungs. Even walking up a flight of stairs can leave you out of breath. Vaping can help you quit smoking, and once you do your lungs willl start to recover to the point where you'll actually be able to exercise on a regular basis.

6. Clothes, house, and car don't smell

Smoking cigarettes causes your clothes, house, and car to smell awful. Vaping doesn't leave any lingering smell, and while you're vaping it often smells amazing, especially if you're vaping a fruity flavor. It's almost like having an air freshener with you wherever you go.

7. It's a fun hobby

Not everyone gets into the hobbyist aspect of vaping, but those who do tend to enjoy building coils, making their own e-juice flavors, etc. Nothing is as satisfying as creating the perfect setup that gives you the exact quality of vapor that you're looking for. Pulling a cigarette out of a pack and smoking it doesn't even compare.

8. Ability to control how much nicotine you get

E-liquids come in a variety of different nicotine levels, so you always know how much you're getting, unlike with cigarettes. You can also take as many puffs off of your vape pen as you want. Good luck lighting a cigarette taking just one puff and trying to save the rest for later.

 What other benefits have you noticed?

by Robert Pagano