How to get the best results from your dried blend vaporizer July 23 2014, 0 Comments

A lot of people who use their vaporizers to vape dried blends find that they aren't satisfied with the vapor quality that they're getting from their vape. Before you get pissed off at your vaporizer and smash it with a hammer, make sure that you're following these steps to maximize the results that you get from your dried blend vaporizer.

Grind your dried blend

The blend should be very finely ground up. Once you think that it's been ground up enough, grind it up some more. You're aiming for an almost powder like consistency before you put it into your vaporizer. The more ground up it is, the greater the surface area that can be heated up by your vaporizer, which means you're going to get a much better vapor quality from each hit.

Remove any moisture

I know that it sounds counterproductive, but any moisture left in the dried blend will dramatically reduce the amount of vapor that is produced. The moisture will also create a much harsher vapor, so make sure that your blend is completely dry before trying to vape it if you want a smooth hit from your vape pen. Don't over think it too much, trust me, you don't want any moisture in your dried blend before you start vaping it. 

Following these two steps should dramatically improve the results from your dried blend vape. Did this help you? What other tricks do you have to help increase the quality of your dried blend vapor?

by Robert Pagano