Weekly vape news roundup - 8/7/14 August 07 2014, 0 Comments

News about vaporizers this week includes new marijuana shops in Washington selling vape pens, looming regulations on the e-cigarette industry, professional vapers compete in cloud chasing competitions, the Wall Street Journal debunks the "e-cigarette gateway myth", e-cigarettes are banned in public in Tempe, Arizona, the e-cigarette safety debate continues with evidence in favor of the pro-vapers, E-cigarette forum releases results from a survey showing that most vapers have used vaping to quit smoking, and Senate Democrats urge more regulation of the e-cig industry based on faulty information:

Seattle Times:

New pot shops are starting to sell vape pens

Capital Public Radio:

E-cigarette regulations looming as vape trend booms

Huffington Post:

This man is an athlete in the sport of cloud chasing

Wall Street Journal:

The e-cigarette gateway myth


Tempe bans e-cigarette use in public

Tech Times:

E-cigarette risk debate rages, with evidence showing that they are safer than tobacco

Business Wire:

E-cig forum announces survey results

Education Week:

Senate Democrats urge FDA regulation of e-cigarette industry

by Robert Pagano