Myths about vaping August 16 2014, 1 Comment

The e-cigarette gateway myth

A common myth spread by people who are in favor of regulating e-cigarettes is that people who have never smoked will start vaping and eventually want to move on the "real thing". According to this myth, the variety of e-juice flavors are designed to appeal to kids and get them hooked on vaping, which will cause them to want to start smoking. The reality couldn't be any further from the truth. The vast majority of vapers are former smokers who are using vaping as a tool to quit smoking. The flavors are one of main reasons that people stick with vaping and don't return to cigarettes, since they can always experiment and find something that they enjoy instead of the harsh taste of cigarettes. There is no evidence that someone who has never smoked has started because of vaping. 

Second hand vaping has the same negative health effects as second hand smoking

Studies have shown that second hand vapor does contain small amounts of nicotine. But the amount of nicotine and toxins in second hand vapor is significantly less than the amount that is found in second hand smoke from cigarettes.

Vaping is more expensive than smoking

There is a higher upfront cost when you start vaping, but the e-liquid refills are generally much cheaper than buying a pack of cigs, so vaping does save money in the long run.

Vaping is designed to keep you hooked on nicotine

This one couldn't be more false. The e-juice that is required for most vape pens and mods comes in a wide variety of nicotine levels. This variation in levels of nicotine helps vapers to eventually end their dependency on nicotine if they so choose. How? Because most people start with a higher nicotine level and gradually taper down over time. There are even companies that make e-juice with zero nicotine, so you can continue vaping without any nicotine addiction. 

E-juice is dangerous because nobody knows what is in it

If you're buying your e-liquid from a reputable brand, they will always disclose the ingredients on the bottle. You are free to do research on the ingredients and come to your own conclusion about the health impact.

Vaporizers will soon be illegal

While it's impossible to predict the future, the trend seems to be that most places are banning electronic cigarette use in public but are still allowing people to purchase and use them, just in a non-public location. Considering the overwhelming popularity and the research that suggests that they will actually improve public health, it seems highly unlikely that they will be outright banned. Big Tobacco may try, but considering the fact that they are selling products that literally kill people, it's unlikely they will succeed in stopping a good thing.

Vapes can explode in your face

As long as you follow the instructions, there is no danger of a vaporizer exploding. Most of these instances have involved people who build their own device (modders). The average vaper has nothing to worry about.

What other myths about vaping have you come across?

by Robert Pagano