What makes a clearomizer awesome? September 02 2014, 0 Comments

There are a wide variety of clearomizers that have been manufactured in recent years, especially since vape pens and mods have exploded in popularity lately. The different brands, and even different models that are built by the same brand, come with many different features. Some of these clearomizers are awesome. They'll give you the maximum flavor from your e-juice and will have you blowing clouds in no time. Others are not so good and your vapor flavor and quality will suffer. So what exactly makes a clearomizer awesome?

Wicking material

Most pre-built clearomizers come with a silica wick, which is just fine for the vast majority of vapers. However, a small subset of people choose to build their own clearomizers and they tend to prefer organic cotton wicking material. They claim that it offers superior flavor compared to silica wicks. 

What is the tank made out of?

Some tanks are made out of plastic while others are made out of glass. Clearomizers made out of glass tend to give you more flavor than their plastic counterparts.

Number of coils

Pre-built clearomizers usually come with either a single coil or a dual coil setup. If you're looking for more flavor and more vapor, than you'll want to go with a dual coil clearomizer. Generally speaking, more coils means a better vaping experience. People who build their own coils have been known to put 3, 4, even 8 coils in one clearomizer! If you just want to extend your battery life, go with a single coil version.

What else do you look for when buying a clearomizer?

by Robert Pagano