Is e-juice dangerous? September 10 2014, 0 Comments

The recent hysterical reporting about pets and children being poisoned by e-cigarette juice refills, it's important to remember a few things about e-juice safety.

  • Don't drink it
  • Keep it away from children
  • Keep it away from pets

If you follow those basic guidelines, you'll have nothing to worry about. E-juice absolutely is dangerous to drink, it's liquid nicotine after all. But you know what else is poisonous? Every cleaning supply in your house, every liquid that you put in your car (oil, antifreeze, etc.), alcohol, even toothpaste. Seriously. According to this article, toothpaste is MORE DANGEROUS than e-juice.

Here are the numbers for poisoning cases in one year:

  • 1,300 from vaporizer e-juice
  • 193,443 from household cleaning supplies
  • 54,445 from alcoholic beverages
  • 11,848 from ink
  • 20,306 from toothpaste

 Follow the same safety guidelines that you follow for all those other dangerous substances and you'll be fine. The hysterical calls to regulate e-cigarettes and e-juice based on the fact that poisoning cases are on the rise are completely ridiculous, and in my opinion are most likely using false safety concerns as a way to ban something that has done more to save lives and help people quit smoking than anything else. Could it be that Big Tobacco is worried that something will finally cause people to stop killing themselves with cigarettes and will reduce their profits?

by Robert Pagano