Atmos A-Pen review 2014 September 18 2014, 0 Comments

Vape pens have been exploding in popularity lately, and Atmos has emerged as one of the top manufacturers for these devices in recent years. With the Atmos A-Pen they are taking a stab at the mid range market and have produced a vape pen that creates a high quality vapor at an affordable price, without all the bells and whistles.

Build quality

Surprisingly, for its price the Atmos A-Pen is a sturdily constructed vape pen. It has a battery, mouthpiece, a clip on top, and a cartridge tank to put e-juice in. The simplicity of the parts and design are very impressive. Instead of trying to throw together as many fancy features as possible, it seems like Atmos decided to build something that just works. And it seems like they've been successful. The A-Pen looks great, nothing fancy, just your classic vape pen design. The main difference between the appearance of the A-Pen and other vape pens is the clip on top that makes this device look like an actual pen when the cap is on. 

Vapor quality

 The vapor quality that we got out of this vape pen was impressive for a device in this price range. It may not be nearly as good as what you could expect from a higher end vape pen, but as long as you aren't under any illusions about this being a top of the line vaporizer, you'll be more than satisfied. We noticed that the Atmos A-Pen produced a really strong vapor, with a smoothness and flavor to it that can usually only be found in more expensive vape pens. 

Overall, I would rate the Atmos A-Pen as an 8/10. It does exactly what you would expect it to: deliver a high quality vapor at an affordable price. I would recommend this vape pen for beginners looking to purchase their first vape pen as well as experienced vapers who want a second device as a backup. 

You can buy the Atmos A-Pen here.

by Robert Pagano