Are mods better than vape pens? December 05 2014, 1 Comment

If you've been vaping with a vape pen for any length of time, you've most likely seen fellow vapers with these huge contraptions blowing out glorious clouds of vapor. But what are the benefits of mods as opposed to vape pens?


Ability to customize

Mods give you virtually unlimited ability to customize your vaping experience. You'll have the ability to buy different tanks and find out which one suits your vaping needs. Some atomizers and subtanks are rebuildable, giving you even more ability to customize. With most mods, you'll be able to try out different battery sizes, and find out which one gives you the right amount of power. With vape pens, you're usually stuck with the battery that came in the box.

More power

Mods use bigger batteries(usually 18650-sized) that will give you much more power than the standard vape pen battery. This is ideal for those who want to blow bigger clouds and get more vapor with each inhale. 

They look cool

Originally, most mods were homemade by vaping enthusiasts who wanted to customize their vaporizers. Those days are ancient history at this point. Most modern box mods include a plethora of cool features including temperature control, variable voltage/wattage, touch screen tech, and more. Some of these mods are built with such attention to detail that they are basically works of art. Compared to the utilitarian appearance of most vape pens (but not all), mods simply look way cooler.

But what if I'm happy with my vape pen?

Then don't worry about it! I'd always recommend that people who've been vaping for a while give mods a shot, because they really can dramatically improve your vaping experience, but there's nothing wrong with vape pens. Most vape pens are extremely high quality and will produce a flavorful vapor. In fact, some mod vapers will carry around a vape pen on days that they don't feel like lugging around their gigantic mod. 


Has anyone made the switch to from vape pen to mod? How was your experience?