Best Dab E-Nails 2017 January 25 2017, 1 Comment

Dabbing started to become extremely popular in the wax vaping community in 2016. With the end of prohibition in a large amount of states in the 2016 elections, it's expected that 2017 will be the year that dabbing really takes off and goes mainstream. The best way to dab is to use electronic nails, also known as e-nails. Here are the best ones on the market in 2017 so far.

Best E-Rigs

E-Rigs are standalone units that give you everything you need (nail and battery) in one complete kit. They are available in both plug-in and portable varieties.

Dr. Dabber Boost

The Dr. Dabber Boost is one of the biggest names in the electronic dabbing world today. With the ability to heat up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 30 seconds, up to 60 uses on a single charge, and a glass water filtration attachment, it's no wonder that the Boost is the go-to for dabbers who want something to take on the go.

Pulsar Hand


The Pulsar Hand is another contender in the best portable e-rig category. This dabbing powerhouse features a ceramic heating core, magnetic stainless steel carb cap, and a water filtration attachment. The craftsmanship and stunning good looks on this e-rig make is a must-own for 2017.

Dab Ninja


The Dab Ninja is a powerful plug-in e-rig. While portable e-rigs are all the rage these days, a solid plug-in unit is definitely something that you'll want to look into if you're a serious dabber. The Ninja is capable of reaching a max temperature of 990 degrees Fahrenheit and features a grade 2 titanium e-nail, digital regulator, and precision temperature control capability. If you need more heat and power than a portable rig can provide, the Dab Ninja is the way to go.

Cloud V Electro

The Cloud V Electro dab rig is a little more pricey than some of the other portable rigs on this list, but as the saying goes you get what you pay for.

The Electro includes an incredibly powerful 6000 mAh battery, precision-crafted glass aqua bubbler, and a high-end titanium nail for added performance. If you're looking to spend a bit more for a lot better quality, the Cloud V Electro is a great option.

Source Nail Signature Kit

The Source Nail Signature Kit includes both the Source Nail attachment and a 40W TC sub-ohm capable box mod.

If you love the idea of dabbing with with a sub-ohm mod and want to buy a kit that includes one instead of making a separate purchase, the Signature Kit from Source is the best way to get started. This box mod will definitely help you dab the way it's meant to be experienced.

Best Box Mod E-Nail Attachments

KandyPens ICON Attachment

The KandyPens ICON Attachment is the gold standard when it comes to turning your favorite 510-threaded electronic box mod in to a portable e-nail rig.  It includes three different types of nail: titanium, quartz, and ceramic. The water filtration attachment is designed to give you a smooth, rich vapor comparable to more powerful e-rigs.

Atmos Studio Rig Attachment


The Atmos Studio Rig Attachment is another solid entry in the 510-threaded box mod e-nail attachment market. Designed specifically to cool and filtrate your vapor, the Studio Rig will become your favorite way to dab on the go. As an added perk, it also includes a dry herb attachment! This is extremely exciting, as most e-nails do not have any dry herb capability. So if you're looking for more options and versatility, the Studio Rig attachment is the way to go.

Wulf Mods Dab Rig Kit

Wulf Mods already has a stellar reputation thanks to the overwhelming popularity of their Lone Wulf mechanical mod kit, 75W Temp Control Kit, and the Hell Hound box mod.

They've brought the expertise and craftsmanship that they're famous for in the e-cig community over to the e-nail world with the Wulf Mods Dab Rig Kit. Simply attach this kit to your favorite box mod and you'll be ready to start dabbing instantly.

Best Water Pipe E-Nail Attachment

White Rhino Torrid

The White Rhino Torrid is a one-of-a-kind e-nail that is designed to attach to your favorite water pipe. This expertly crafted, beautiful e-nail includes a triple-coil ceramic rod atomizer, reclamation chamber, and removable air pins for added airflow. The 6-in-1 adapter makes the Torrid compatible with virtually every single water pipe on the market, whether it has a male or a female connection.

Why use a dab nail?

While wax vape pens certainly have their place (mainly for those times when you need something as small as possible to carry around), anyone who is serious about vaping wax absolutely needs to consider purchasing an e-nail. 

Dab nails help you unlock the full potential of your waxy concentrate in a way that other wax vaporizers don't. They heat the wax evenly and efficiently, ensuring that you get the full hit without any waste.

While standard nails use a torch and flame method to heat the wax, electronic nails (e-nails) use a much safer electric heating element to achieve the same effect. By eliminating the harmful smoke that comes with combustion, e-nails will give you a much smoother and flavorful dabbing experience when compared to the old-school method. 

If you've never tried an e-nail before, you owe it yourself to try out one of these phenomenal e-rigs or e-nail attachments for yourself and find out what you're missing.