Best Regulated Box Mods for Blowing Clouds May 31 2017, 0 Comments

Sigelei Kaos Spectrum - The Kaos Spectrum is the newest flagship box mod from Sigelei. When you buy this one you're not only getting one of the best mods from a reputable company, you're also getting a high-tech masterpiece. The Kaos Spectrum is capable of handling titanium, stainless steel, and nichrome coils in temperature control mode. The Kaos Spectrum lets you blow clouds according to *your* unique preferences.

Smok Alien - The Alien has proven itself to be one of the most popular regulated box mods in the world in 2017. 

And for good reason.

The Alien not only features stunning, futuristic-looking aesthetics; it also features some of the most advanced technology available. No matter what your wattage, voltage, or temp control preference is, you'll be sure to find a setting on the Alien that will give you the clouds you've been dreaming about. 

You can either buy just the mod, or you can purchase the full kit which also includes a tank that has been optimized for cloud-chasing.

Smok H-Priv - The H-Priv is another gorgeous regulated mod from Smok. This one isn't as "sci-fi" looking as the Alien, but rather features a clean, futuristic appearance with sleek, gorgeous lines and a crisp LED screen. 

Wismec Predator - Ever seen Alien vs. Predator? 

The Predator is a direct competitor to the Smok Alien. Featuring similar performance specs and an undeniably sci-fi inspired, futuristic appearance, the Predator is one of the coolest looking mods on the planet today.

Wismec has knocked it out of the park with the Predator, which is capable of handling a variety of different coils in temp control mode. The clouds that the Predator produces are truly out of this world.

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