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If you've ever considered the idea of vaping beyond a basic level, why not try the Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod? The American made kit includes the newest version of the Lone Wulf RDA and is available in three different color choices. Rated as the best vape mod on the market, the Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod is compatible with 18650 batteries and each unit that's made comes equipped with a unique serial number for authenticity purposes.

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Wolf Mods is an American company that builds all of their products with only the highest quality materials. The Lone Wulf's unique feature, a recessed concave firing button, replaces the need for a safety locking mechanism. This feature makes the Lone Wulf extremely user friendly and easy to operate with just a single touch. Never again worry about setting the product down on a flat surface and suffer from an accidental deactivation!

If you're searching for something more unique in artistic design, the Lone Wulf is rich in detail. The artistic rendition of the wolf engraving will make it an instant favorite to anyone's mod collection. No other mechanical mod stands out quite like the Lone Wulf.

Wolf Mods designed the 2016 RDA for the experienced vapor user. The high quality copper and aluminum are compatible with 18650 batteries and the posts make rebuilding a lot easier compared to other competing models. The slit cut makes wire insertion a simple and painless task. The juice well is deep and the slide slits are designed for maximum airflow. This allows you to experience only the highest quality vapor experience.

When it comes to affordability, the Lone Wulf Kit is practically a steal with the included Lone Wulf RDA. No other brand offers this kind of deal like you will find from Wolf Mods. However, if you are new to vaping there are a few things you should know before jumping into everything.

The Lone Wulf was and never has been designed for basic use. New vapor users and those interested in vaping should seek out a more simple mechanical mod to start out with. The main increase in popularity of mechanical mods is durability. Regular vaporizers are high electronic and if a part were to go wrong the whole unit would have to be replaced. Usually once the battery life has ended with the electronic vaporizers the device needs to be discarded. Some individuals choose a mechanical mod because it allows for its ability to run low resistance atomizers which can't be run on other vaping equipment, but it's riskier than running standard resistance vaping equipment so extra care is required.

If you're interested about using one a vape mod but are unsure of safety it should be noted that while many of these mods are near 100% safe they are never given a full 100% safety rating. Electronic personal vaporizers are generally considered safer than mechanical mods due to their internal safety features that protect against short circuits. With proper handling and proper knowledge though, a mechanical mod is perfectly safe.

Before using any mechanical mod, be sure you invest in a multi-meter. They only cost a few dollars and you'll be able to check the battery voltage anytime you feel necessary. This will protect you from experiencing an unplanned short circuiting issue. However, it should be noted that the less expensive the multi-meter the less accurate your readings will be.

The battery type and quality also play an important role in safety when it comes to mechanical mods. You definitely don't want to go cheap on the batteries and don't stretch them until there isn't anything left. Any batteries that appear to have been damaged along the outer casing should never be used in your mechanical mods. Nor should any unprotected lithium-ion batteries because they pose a greater risk in overheating during use. The safest battery to use is an IMR battery (lithium manganese oxide) because it's less volatile.

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Also note you are going to have to do some hunting for a proper battery charger. The market may be full of them but not all of them are created equal. The cheaper the build the more cheaply they perform. The real risk with cheap chargers is that they can overcharge a battery which will then cause the battery to become unstable and overheat, vent incorrectly, or even explode during use. An IMR battery that is fully charged should run between 4.15 and 4.20 volts. Anything about 4.20 volts is a risky venture and shouldn't be used.

Although this should go without saying, be sure you insert the batteries the correct way to keep the polarities in their proper place. Also don't stack any of your batteries and when you're not using your mechanical mod be sure to not remove the batteries. This saves the spring inside the mechanical mod from getting ruined.

A mechanical mod must have vent holes, which luckily the Lone Wulf does. Mechanical mods without vent holes are similar to hand grenades in batteries that are just waiting to explode. However, Wolf Mods has invested proper time and materials to create only the best and safest mechanical mod on the market today. The Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod is the best vape mod you can buy. As mentioned before, all of the parts are made of the highest quality copper and aluminum materials so you won't have to worry about a thing when it comes to your vapor experience.

The RDA on the Lone Wulf has a standard 4 post design like other models. However, unlike the competition, the solid copper block makes the vapor experience extremely impressive. The build deck is simple to use and doesn't require a large investment of time especially if you are well versed in rebuilding attys. When placed on the mod the atty is always lined up flushed which only makes this mechanical mod even better.

The Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod is an outstanding product that really delivers. If you are searching for a product that's affordable, built to last, and hits hard, this kit is for you.