Is Vaping Bad For You? Is it Safe? July 06 2016, 1 Comment

For decades people all over the world have been looking for a safe and convenient alternative to smoking cigarettes. Many alternatives have cropped up over the years. Most smokers that have tried cigarette alternatives just go right back to cigarettes for a variety of reasons. Some say that they need something to simulate the act of smoking while others say that they need that sensation of blowing smoke. Although the nicotine in the cigarette is addictive, the actual physical act of smoking can be addictive as well. Nothing up until now has been able to replicate the complete act of smoking in addition to being able to control nicotine levels. Other smoking alternatives have been lacking one or more components that would help the average smoker switch from cigarettes to a different method.

A few years ago many people started using a smoking alternative called vaping. Once the trend caught on many were asking; Is vaping bad for you?, Is vaping safe? The answer is simple. Vaping is the safest alternative to smoking on the market today. Vaping incorporates the use of a vaporizer, a nicotine additive, and a vegetable blend with a flavoring. Once the vaping trend caught on it, spread to all ages and cultures. The potential to quit smoking for good while still being able to satisfy nicotine and physical cravings was quite attractive. If you look around today, there are people vaping all around you. You may ask why so many people are jumping aboard the vape train. There are a few reasons to point out.

Vaping Is NOT the same as Cigarettes

First and perhaps the best reason is that vaping is simply non-toxic vapor that does not harm your body or others that are around you. Another reason is that it does not have an offensive odor. The great thing about vaping is you can choose whatever flavor you want. That translate into the fact that the vapor will also smell like which ever flavor you are vaping. Say for instance you want strawberry flavored vapor. The vapor you exhale will also smell like strawberry. This is great news for those in the area. Most would much rather smell a pleasant vapor than a stinky, toxic cigarette. This vapor eliminates the risks associated with second-hand smoke. This is great news for everyone. There are some individuals that mistakenly think that vaping has the same second-hand risk as cigarette smoke, which is untrue. Vaping is a clean way to get the simulations of cigarette smoking without the damaging health effects that come with it.

Another great thing about vaping is that it does not use an actual flame. It does not cause fires like cigarettes do. Many fires every year are caused by people either forgetting about a cigarette, falling asleep, or improperly disposing of them while still lit. With vaping, you no longer run the risk of accidentally starting a fire. Vaping not only is much safer for your health but it offers protection from accidental fires caused by cigarettes. On a lesser note, where fire hazard is concerned you will also not need to worry about burning holes in your clothes or furniture any longer.

There is growing concern from uninformed individuals concerning the risks of vaping. If more of those concerned took the time to research the facts about it there would be less opposition. Of course, vaping is not without its risks. The majority of the risk, however, lies within user responsibility. A major factor that is propelling a large amount of concern is teen use. Vape stores do not sell equipment or paraphernalia to those under the age of eighteen which falls under the same guidelines as cigarettes. Parents should speak about vaping to their children just as they would talk to them about smoking cigarettes and be sure that if they vape to keep their vaporizers and e-liquids out of their reach.

Another issue to be aware of on the safety front is nicotine and safe handling and use. Nicotine can be deadly in high doses. If you are adding nicotine to you e-liquid, then you need to inform yourself on what safe consumption levels are. Always use the lowest dose of nicotine necessary when vaping. If you are ordering separate nicotine be sure to always wear gloves when handling the liquid. Always screw the cap on tightly and store in a safe location where children, pets, or others will not intentionally or unintentionally come in contact with the nicotine liquid. The VG or vegetable glycerin, on the other hand, is non-toxic and does not pose a threat to individuals or pets. Be aware of where you leave e-cigarette accessories and be safety conscious.

E-cigarettes (vapes) are helping people all over the world quit smoking. Individuals that have been smoking decades and have tried many times to quit have been able to quit successfully by switching to the much safer e-cigarette. More focus needs to be directed to the potential to eliminate cigarettes for the most part by promoting e-cigarette use. Rather than opposing this innovative new style of smoking alternative people should focus on the positive aspects and lack of negative aspects that vaping poses. Vaping is saving lives and making the effort to quit smoking much easier for many. Vaping can save people from all of the negative health issues that come with cigarettes. Vaping can also save millions in healthcare treatment caused from serious smoking-related illness and diseases such as COPD and cancer.

Vaping has been taking lots of criticism from the public, private business, and large corporations. Some of the reason for the backlash is a lack of education on the subject, but some of the other reason can be traced to the desire to tax and regulate the up and coming industry. Some wish to place strict regulations and standards on e-liquid manufacturers making it tough to distribute and purchase e-liquids and vaping related merchandise. More public awareness about the facts associated with vaping needs to be created. If more individuals knew the positive aspects and clear facts on vaping concerns, then there would be much less opposition. As with anything new, there will be opposition to change. In time more people will be in the know about vaping and the ability to change peoples lives.