Sigelei Kaos Spectrum vs. Smok Alien May 28 2017, 1 Comment

The vaping world in 2017 has come a long way since Minty Vapes was founded back in the beginning of 2014.

Back then your choices were very limited to a bunch of bland-looking, boring black and grey box mods.

Now we have the opposite problem:

We're spoiled for choice.

The top manufacturers are creating stunning, beautiful, high-performance vaping machines that churn out sick clouds and look cool while they do it.

Despite the abundance of options, if you're a serious vaper you'll know that there are two mods in particular that come to mind when you imagine a mod that not only looks cool, but features some insanely high performance specs as well:

The Smok Alien and the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum.

They both look super cool.

They both help you blow those insane clouds.

They both have temperature control.

They're both dual-18650 mods.

So which one should you choose?

Sigelei Kaos Spectrum

The most notable feature of the Kaos Spectrum is the fact that this thing lights up with six different changeable and customizable LED color settings. 

So basically this mod looks cool as shit.

If that's something that sounds like it appeals to you, then you'll definitely want to get your hands on the Kaos Spectrum.

Now when something has obviously been designed to look that cool, the first thing that you'd expect is that it's all show, and that the performance is going to be severely lacking.

I'm really happy to mention that the performance on the Kaos Spectrum is top-notch.

You get upgradeable firmware, *rapid* charging, preheat functionality, and a color display screen.

The temp control mode supports Ni200, Ti, and stainless steel coils, giving you the option to decide how *you* want to vape.

The Kaos Spectrum requires dual-18650 batteries.

Learn more about the Kaos Spectrum and purchase it by clicking here. The Kaos Spectrum is currently on sale for $58.92.

Smok Alien

Smok has rapidly proven itself as being one of the best manufacturers of box mods and box mod starter kits in the world today.

Out of all of those legendary box mods, the Alien is by far the most popular, and is the closest thing to being a direct competitor to the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum.

The Alien may not light up like the Kaos Spectrum, but it looks cool in its own futuristic manner. The gorgeous appearance makes this box mod look like it came from outer space, helping it to live up to its name.

Like the Kaos Spectrum, the Alien is a dual-18650 temp control device. It also support Ni200, stainless steel, and titanium coils. It comes in a wide variety of cool, unique colors (my favorite is Rainbow). You'll also get rapid charging and rapid firmware upgrades.

No matter which of these box mods you choose, you won't be disappointed. They are both considered to be the flagships of their respective companies, and the aesthetics and performance capabilities are top-notch.

Learn more about the Smok Alien and purchase it by clicking here. The Alien is available for $59.99 for the mod only, and as a full kit for a small additional cost.
Which one did you choose?