What is a Vape Mod and Which are the Best Under $100 July 07 2016, 0 Comments

What is a vape mod?

A vape mod (or mod vape) is a much larger version of the vape pen with more functionality and produces more vapor. It also increases the throat hit and produces more overall flavor of the e-juice. The vape mod also uses a much bigger and bulkier battery which is needed to increase the vapor and flavor. Vaping takes some experience and if you are a beginner to the world of vaping it is suggested you start with a regulated vape setup as they have built-in safety features that you need to know. Once you have learned more and gained some experience with vaping, you'll be ready to move onto the mechanical vape mod.

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The mechanical mod is much like a personal vaporizer. It consists of a tube or casing where the rechargeable battery is located. Located on the tube is a button that has to be pushed to make a connection to the battery which then pushes unregulated current to the atomizer. This is completely a manual connection you make by pressing the button and is where it gets its name of, mechanical mod. It is also considered unregulated as it doesn't use circuitry to regulate the flow of electricity.

Why use a mechanical mod?

There are some very distinct advantages and benefits to using a mechanical mod. The main advantage is the durability they provide. The typical regulated personal vaporizers are essentially disposable as once the battery reaches the end of its life, the battery has to be disposed of. All lithium ion batteries have a point where they can no longer take a charge. The mechanical mod, on the other hand, can just have its battery replaced if it reaches that point, not the whole unit.

Another reason people choose to use the mechanical mod is for its capacity to use low resistance atomizers, rebuildable dripping atomizers or rebuildable atomizers. Before you attempt to build on a mechanical mod make sure you completely understand the Ohms laws.

Are mechanical mods safe?

When you work with lithium batteries there is no 'completely' safe. These little batteries can store a lot of energy. Risks do seem to be decreasing as technology gets better and if you have the right mechanical mod building supplies you will reduce your risks.

The mechanical mod is an unregulated vaporizer so care needs to go into its use. The regulated devices are generally safer, however, if your hardware is high quality and you have the knowledge these devices can be safe also. These are some battery tips for your mechanical mod safety:

  • Make sure you put the battery in correctly and the positive and negative ends are pointed in the right direction. This may be obvious but it is an important tip nonetheless.
  • Don't stack your batteries. It is recommended you use only one battery in your mechanical mod.
  • Removing the battery when your unit is not in use will help keep it better functioning as it will allow the springs to stay springy. It also helps to prevent accidental firing which can cause the mod to overheat or explode.

Best Vape Mods available under $100

  • Kangar TopBox Mini Kit sells for $67.99
  • Aspire Platinum Starter Kit sells for $94.95
  • Aspire Odyssey- $84.00
  • IPV4S Box Mod- $79.00
  • eVic Variable Temperature Control 60W- $75.99
  • Notorious- $59.99
  • Sigelei Fuchai 200W- $69.99
  • iTaste MVP 3.0- $64.99
  • Kanger KBox 40W- $34.99
  • IPV Mini 70W Box Mod- $69.99

One of MintyVapes top mods is the Wulf Mods Temperature Control 60W- $96.99

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The Wulf Mods 60W Temperature Control Kit was constructed with legendary craftsmanship and includes the latest advanced temperature control technology. There is a built-in OLED screen to keep in the know on the most important stats of your unit such as; wattage and battery life. This unit has the power to give you a massive amount of vapor.

There are four different box mod included with this kit; bypass, temperature control Fahrenheit, normal, and temperature control Celsius. With these, you have the ability to customize your vaping experience to your desired preference. You will also receive an advanced Wulf Mods Temperature Control Subtank allowing you to vape your favorite e-juice. This tank is designed to bring out the raw power of the Wulf Mods Temperature Control box mod 60W.

What this kit includes:

* 1 silicon case

* 1 TC Box mod

* 1 Wulf Mods TC Subtank

* 1 USB Cable

* 1 Manual

Questions asked regarding the Wulf Mods Temperature Control 60W:

Q: What type of battery is used and is it sold with the unit?

A: This unit uses an 18650 battery. They can be purchased separately from the unit.

Q: Can you change parts of the box mod to customize it?

A: You can purchase different clearomizers to put on it, but other than that there isn't much customizing possible. When you play with the clearomizer you get a different vaping experience and once you've gained experience with vaping you'll learn which settings are best for you.

Review on the Wulf Mods Temperature Control 60W:

One reviewer wrote calling this unit a 'cloud machine'. He stated this tank and battery straight cloud. Another review said it was amazing and makes 'sooooooo much vappeeeeee!' A third review called it 'most versatile'. They stated with the four different modes to choose from this unit is perfect for any vaper. As with any set of reviews on a product, there was one dissatisfied customer who requested to send theirs back for a refund. MintyVapes accepts returns of all unused and unopened products for seven days following receipt of an order. When returned, customers are issued a full refund, less a 15 percent restocking fee, and shipping costs.

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