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    Box mods are, as the name implies, mods that are shaped like a box.

    Their shape, however, is just about the only thing that they have in common. There are a wide variety of features that distinguish one type from another. Finding which box mod is right for you can sometimes be a confusing process. The two main categories are as follows: regulated and unregulated (mechanical). Since most box mods are of the regulated variety, lets take a look at those first and then we'll get into the unregulated side of things.

    Regulated box mods

    Regulated mods are a type of vaporizer that contains wiring and other internal electronics to help regulate the current (hence the name) and provide you with other cool features.

    This type of mod is by far the most popular. The main benefits of regulated mods are that they are easier to use, safer, and provide you with tons of different ways to customize your vaping experience with the press of a few buttons.

    Here are some of the different features that are common in regulated mods:

    Temperature control

    Mods that have a temperature control feature (e.g. Wulf Mods 75W TC Kit) will allow you to preset your device to a specific temperature value (in either Fahrenheit or Celsius) that your coil temperature will not exceed.

    Once the temp control function of your mod detects that the coils have hit your upper limit, it will act as a limiter, and will adjust the amount of power to your coil until the temperature falls below the value that you preselected.

    Temperature control features help to keep the temperature of your vapor at a fixed rate. It is analogous to the cruise control feature in a car, in that it helps to automate the process and make your vaping experience a little bit smoother.

    Variable voltage/wattage

    Mods that include a variable voltage and/or wattage feature allow you to directly control the power output of your box mod with the press of a button.

    Most box mods will generally be rated to a certain wattage level (e.g. 220W, 75W, etc.). This rating is the maximum wattage level that you can achieve from your vape. For example, the Kanger KBOX 200W box mod has a maximum wattage output of 200W. While most vapers don't really have a need for the extremely high wattage levels, a lot of experienced vapers do like to have the option to kick the power up a notch when the occasion calls for it. 

    The main benefit of VV/VW box mods is the ability to rapidly switch out atomizers that have different resistance levels, coil types, and wire sizes.

    Adjusting the voltage and wattage output levels can also be used to affect the flavor of your e-juice, with higher levels leading to a more "burnt" flavor. VV/VW capabilities can also be used to create bigger clouds with a shorter draw on the device.

    Safety features

    Since regulated box mods are designed to, you know, regulate the current coming out of the battery, they are significantly safer when compared to mech mods.

    They usually have overheating and short circuit protection to prevent explosions. The can have reverse polarity protection to protect yourself from improper battery installation. Box mods can also have overcharge protection and min/max resistance level limits to prevent the device from firing when your atomizer has resistance that is too high or low to safely vape.

    For anyone who is concerned about safety while vaping, a regulated box mod from a reputable manufacturer is about as safe as it gets.

    Unregulated box mods

    Unregulated (also known as mechanical) mods are devices that lack electronics or internal wiring and are designed for advanced vapers (ex. Wulf Mods Hell Hound).

    For more information about the different types of unregulated box mods, read our mechanical mod section.

    Internal vs. external batteries

    Generally most box mods, such as the Kbox 200, will require one or more external 18650 lithium-ion batteries (sold seperately) that you install and then have to remove and charge.

    Others, like the Conflict 50W kit, will have their own internal battery that you have to recharge, generally using a USB cable.

    Which one is better?

    External 18650 batteries are usually more reliable and, if they do stop working for whatever reason, you can simply buy a new one on the cheap and replace it.

    The main advantage of an internal battery is convenience. No need to worry about amps and mAh and all that other weird lithium-ion battery lingo. Just plug it in, charge it up, and start vaping. Of course, if that battery stops working it'll most likely be way too hard to repair on your own and you'll have to send it in to the manufacturer for repair if it's still within the warranty period.

    Like everything else in the vaping world, deciding whether to choose and internal or external battery box mod is a matter of personal preference. We recommend that you try one of each to see which one meets your needs better.

    What else do I need to vape other than the mod?

    Once you choose which box mod is best for your needs, there are a few other items that you'll need to purchase to complete your own ultimate vaping setup.

    You'll need a tank. There are a wide variety of different tanks that each have different functions. There are sub-ohm tanks, RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizers), RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers), and more. You'll want to check out our tank and atomizer sections to find out which one will best meet your needs. 

    If researching different types of tanks seems a little bit too daunting (we actually think it's a lot of fun, but we're hardcore vape nerds), we do carry a selection of kits that contain a mod and a compatible tank all in one convenient package. If you're new to vaping or you just don't want to bother, these kits are the best and easiest way to get started.

    If you've purchased a box mod that requires external lithium-ion batteries (most commonly 18650 sized), then you'll need to purchase those separately as there are virtually no mods that include them. Make sure that you research ahead of time how many batteries you'll need. Nothing is worse than that feeling you get when you realize that you didn't order enough batteries and you'll have to wait until you buy more before you can start vaping! The number of batteries can vary but box mods most commonly will use either one or two 18650 batteries. There are a few that require more than that however.  

    You'll also need a charger for those lithium-ion batteries. You can buy chargers in different sizes that are able to accommodate multiple batteries, giving you the ability to charge them all simultaneously.