About Us

Created by a team of vaping enthusiasts in Las Vegas, NV, Minty Vapes was born out of the frustration of buying poor quality vaporizers from sites that offered inferior products alongside the best ones, with no way to differentiate between the two. 

Why should you buy from us?

Lowest fully warrantied prices

Our vaporizers are sold at the lowest fully warrantied price allowed by the manufacturer. Any store selling their products for less are either unauthorized retailers, selling refurbished devices, or are selling poorly manufactured imitations of the real devices.

Highest quality vaporizers

We only sell vaporizers that are popular and have the best reviews.

Free shipping on all orders

Every vape pen, mod vape, portable vape, table top vape, and vaporizer accessory sold on this website comes with 100% free shipping. 

Customer Service

We respond to all customer emails within 24 hours. Don't hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions about your order. 

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