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  • 2 pc Anodized Aluminum Grinder 50mm

    This 2 pc herbal blend grinder from GotVape is an extremely affordable alternative to some of the more high end grinders on the market.  The precision engineered razor sharp teeth will grind your blend to the perfect consistency for vaping with a dried blend vaporizer such as the Atmos Boss

    The superior craftsmanship on this grinder is reminiscent of much more expensive grinders, at less than half the price. It's constructed from high quality anodized aluminum, and utilizes a heavy duty magnet to assist with the grinding process. Weighing in at .3 lbs, this grinder has a heft to it that will make you feel like you've purchased the latest high end Space Case. Instead, what you've got is something much cheaper and almost as effective. 

    This grinder comes in seven different colors, making it ideal for those of you who want to express your personality with something a little bit more unique looking than the standard boring colors that most grinders come in. 

    For the price, you can't go wrong with the GotVape 2 pc Anodized Aluminum Grinder. 


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