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  • Atmos Dart

    Atmos Dart has a rating of 3.0 stars based on 4 reviews.


    • Small Size
    • E-Liquid Tank Included
    • One-Button Activation
    • Compatible With Both Waxes and E-Juice
    • Great Beginner/Intermediate Vape Pen
    • Four Different Colors
    • Free Shipping Within The United States
    • Risk-Free Return Policy
    • Category: Vape PensOil / E-juice Vape Pens, Wax Vape Pens

    Note: The Dart has been discontinued. If you're looking for a product to vape e-juice, we recommend you look at some of our mod starter kits. If you're looking to vape wax, check out our selection of e-nails and wax vape pens. You can also view all wax vaporizers.

    As featured in Gizmodo, the Atmos Dart is a brand new, sturdily built and rugged vape pen. It comes equipped with two different cartridges: an anodized heating chamber is designed for waxy oils and the liquid chamber is designed to vape e-liquids. The cartridges are extremely simple to swap out. If you want to switch between vaping waxes and oils, simply unscrew the old cartridge and replace it with the new one.

    This small, compact unit measures 4.732 inches in length and 0.53 inches in diameter. This is one of the newest vaporizer pens manufactured by Atmos. The sleek curve provides and ergonomic feel and ensures a proper airflow, giving you a high quality vaping experience. The Dart comes in four different colors: Black, Gunmetal Black, Silver, and White. 

    The Atmos Dart is a great introductory unit for those who want to get started with vaping waxes or oils. It more than holds its own against similarly priced beginner vape pens. The ease of use makes the Dart popular for novice vapers, but the high quality vaping experience that it offers ensures that it meets the standards of more experienced vapers as well.

    Included Accessories:

    • 1 x Battery
    • 1 x Mouthpiece
    • 1 x Liquid Cartridge
    • 1 x Anodized Heating Chamber
    • 1 x USB Charger
    • 1 x User Manual 

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