Cloudious9 Hydrology9

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  • 2000mAh LiPo Battery
  • Leakproof Water Filtration
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Porcelain Oven Chamber
  • Integrated Stir Tool
  • Water Filtration Technology
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The Cloudious9 features a unique, patent-pending "tunnel tube" liquid filtration system.

This innovative, one of a kind technology ensures that you receive a clean, uninterrupted flow of vapor while eliminating any possibility of leakage.

This all-new approach to liquid filtration gives you the best, cleanest vapor imaginable while still preserving the stunning good looks that Cloudious9 is famous for.

You won't find this technology *anywhere else* other than in the Hydrology9.


The mouthpiece itself is constructed from sturdy 1/4" borosilicate glass. This sturdy, clean glass is designed to curve at the perfect angle, giving you unparalleled comfort and an incredibly easy cleaning experience.

The mouthpiece features the precision-placement of a ball valve that completes the innovative liquid filtration experience by allowing you to carry your vaporizer around without the risk of spillage.

The Hydrology9 fuses modern design aesthetics with the best aspects of past tradition, giving you a true masterpiece of elegant design and high-performance.

The crystal-clear minimalist glass cylinder truly emphasizes Cloudious9's commitment to quality and design. It allows you a full view of the vaporization process, while still being easy to grip. This integrated fusion of aesthetics, ergonomics, and performance helps the Hydrology9 to stand head-and-shoulders above the competition.

No other liquid-filtration vaporizer even comes close to competing with the Cloudious9 Hydrology9.

Even Heat Distribution

The Hydrology9 features an 18mm by 10mm food-grade porcelain chamber, giving you ample room for loading your favorite dry herbs.

The temperature control functionality is controlled by a high-grade microchip processor, giving you true precision and control over your preferred temperature. The patent-pending heating tech is designed to evenly heat the entire contents of your chamber, ensuring that you get the maximum amount of vapor from your dry herb.

If you consider yourself a true dry herb connoisseur, you owe it to yourself to get the best that money can buy. Make your friends jealous when you buy the most elite water-filtration vaporizer on the market today.


  • Hydrology 9 portable vaporizer
  • Long USB
  • Short USB
  • 2x Cleaning Brushes
  • 2x Replacement Screens
  • 2x Replacement O-Rings
  • Packing Tool
  • AC USB Adapter

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