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  • The Best Table Top Vaporizer Ever Made
  • American Made
  • Whip and Balloon System
  • Auto Shutoff With Sleep Function
  • LCD Display
  • Magnetic Bowl
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Category: Table Top Vaporizers

                       State of the Art Engineering

This innovative, high end table top vaporizer has truly revolutionized the vaping industry with it's high tech design. Your Herbalizer is a powerful, elegant vaporizer that will blow your mind with features that were previously considered unimaginable.

          Precise Temperature Control at Your Fingertips

The Herbalizer includes a 32MHz 16-bit processor that includes a lightning fast in-air temperature sensor that instantly regulates 300W of clean halogen energy. The temperature is adjusted at the speed of light, maintaining within 5 degrees Fahrenheit of your preferences, no matter how fast you draw the air.

                     The Purest Vapor Imaginable

The inert components of the Herbalizer are designed specifically to maintain the purity of your vapor. With the Herbalizer, you can rest assured knowing that nothing will interfere with the flavor of your clean, pure vapor.

           The Safest Table Top Vaporizer in the World

Your vaporizer includes intelligent software that monitors usage to prevent overheating. The innovative tilt sensor will automatically cause the heater to shut off if your vaporizer is accidentally knocked over. If you leave your vaporizer unattended for too long, the sleep sensor will kick in and automatically shut the unit off.

                           Legendary Reliability

The Herbalizer is the culmination of two years of high-tech design and engineering. The Herbalizer is built to last and will withstand daily use over an extended amount of time.

                           Easy and Intuitive

No assembly required, the Herbalizer will work right out of the box. Everything about your beautifully constructed vaporizer is designed to be completely intuitive. 


The Herbalizer introduces an innovative new technology known as vaportherapy. Vaportherapy lets you control the temperature of from 290-445 degrees Fahrenheit. The Herbalizer allows you to customize the benefits of your favorite herbs, oils, and concentrates according to your unique preferences.


Your Herbalizer also includes a classic aromatherapy mode for added versatility. Relax and rejuvenate in your ideal environment by simply setting the timer, then set the fan to Quiet Mode and enjoy the aromatic benefits of your favorite essential oils.

If you need to deodorize, simply use the included DeFunk blend of essential oil that has been specifically designed for use with your Herbalizer.

                            Compact Storage

Your Herbalizer includes a mezzanine storage area, giving you the ability to store your herbs and oils out of sight, but hopefully not out of mind in the upper lid.

                       Patented Balloon Technology

The patented squeeze valve balloon system is exquisitely designed and intuitive to operate. Squeeze, attach, and fill the balloon with pure, flavorful vapor.

                       Integrated Whip Technology

The conveniently uncomplicated integrated whip has been forged from medical grade silicon to give you an optional boost with a powerful, quiet whisper fan.

                           Freestyle Mode

You can freestyle your vapor directly into your environment by activating Freestyle Mode.


                         Accessories (Included):

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