Magic Flight Muad-Dib

  • Rapid Heat Up Time
  • Uses NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Handmade in the United States
  • Simple To Use For Beginners
  • Risk-Free Return Policy
  • Free Shipping Within The United States
  • Category: Portable Vaporizers

The Muad-Dib is the latest creation from Magic Flight, the inventors of the legendary and highly popular Launch Box series of vaporizers. If you're familiar with the functionality of the Launch Box you'll be right at home with the Muad-Dib, which utilizes similar patented technology to vape your favorite waxes. 

The Muad-Dib is able to reach temperatures of up to 900F in a matter of seconds. The rechargeable batteries feature a dramatically improved lifespan, giving you around 50 sessions per single charge.

The Muad-Dib is truly a conversation starter. The unique aesthetic design makes it look more like a stunning work of art than a portable vaporizer. The brushed brass lid, brass bowl insert, and optical grade lens give this legendary wax vaporizer a truly high-end appearance. 

Accessories (Included):

  • 2 x Rechargeable NiMH Glyph Batteries
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x 1.5 Ft. Black Draw Whip
  • 1 x Loading Spoon
  • 1 x Replacement Screen
  • 1 x Decorative Tin
  • 1 x Flight Guide Instruction Manual

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