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    Manufactured by Discreet Vape, the PUFFit is one of the most uniquely designed portable vapes on the market. The precisely engineered microprocessor and temperature sensor monitor and adjust the temperature 100 times per second,  ensuring that your herbal blend is giving you the best vaping experience imaginable. The ergonomic design and small size make this portable vape a perfect travel companion. 

    In less than one minute, the perfect vaping temperature is achieved thanks to the high end gold plated heating chamber and the internal microprocessor. The 90 second auto safety shut off feature prevents battery overheating and preserves battery life, giving you an extended amount of time to enjoy your herbal blend. Reactivating the portable vape is easy, just press the top cover for a couple seconds so the Temperature Memory Recall can reheat your vaporizer

    The temperature control system is allows you to adjust the vaping temperature based on personal preference. The innovative internal stirring system allows you to stir the blend without the inconvenience of opening up the unit and incurring heat loss. This high end system ensures that none of your vaping material burns.

    The unique, inhaler style design is perfect for those who are self-conscious about publicly vaping, making this unit perfect not just for experience vapers, but also those new to the world of vaping. 

    Note about pricing: All prices on this website are the lowest fully warrantied prices allowed by the manufacturer. You should be warned that any websites selling their products for less are selling refurbished models or are unauthorized retailers.

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