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  • Space Case 4 pc Grinder Small Titanium Magnet 45mm

    The Space Case 4 pc Grinder is manufactured by Evolve Industries, a leader in high end herbal blend grinders.  This grinder is for the serious herbal blend vaper who won't accept anything less than the best. With the Space Case, you truly do get what you pay for.

    This grinder is 45mm in diameter, 1.5 inches in height, and weighs 3.15 ounces. The interior features three separate compartments: grinder, sifter, and container. The razor sharp shredding teeth and fine mesh screen ensure that your herbal blend is ground to perfection. 

    The interior and exterior of this top of the line grinder are CNC machined, made from the best titanium, anodized for a smooth finish, and are etched along the sides for an easy, ergonomic grip. A teflon O-ring ensure that there is no metal on metal contact during operation of this device. The manufacturers of the Space Case have thought of everything when designing this grinder, ensuring that even the most discerning herbal blend connoisseur will be satisfied with the quality of this device.

    The lid of the Space Case is secured by power magnets, while all of the other components are securely screwed in. This grinder is built to last. 


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