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  • Tesla Invader 2

    • Copper plated pin for optimum conductivity
    • Floating/Adjustable top pin
    • Dual-18650
    • Stunning appearance
    • Support lowest resisitance is 0.1ohm
    • Maximum output 40A current
    • Output voltage 3.2v-4.2v
    • Innovative safety features
    • Constructed from wood and copper
    • Size: 118.5*58.4*32mm
    • Electrode: copper plated pin
    • Net Weight: 120g
    • Maximum output current: 40A
    • Supports resistance levels down to 0.1 ohm
    • Risk-free return policy
    • Free shipping within the United States
    • Category: ModsMechanical Mods

    Introducing the most unique semi-mechanical mod vaporizer on the planet: the Tesla Invader 2.

    This mech mod has a rugged wooden design aesthetic and comes in two stunning nature-inspired colors.

    The Invader II Box Mod is truly a natural beauty. With a body ergonomically shaped to fit your hand, you won't find another quite like it. This wooden half-mechanical mod is in a category of its own when it comes to style, function, and form. The shape was precisely designed to match the form of the human hand, making the Invader 2 the perfect vape for all day use.

    Unlike other mechanical mods, the Tesla Invader II Mod also has a short circuit protection and recoverable fuse protection on the atomizer part and battery part, ensuring that this is the safest half-mech mod on the e-cig market.

    If you're looking for a ruggedly designed vape that is sure to turn heads look no further. The Tesla Invader 2 is the go-to for advanced vapers who like to be a little bit different.


    • 1 x Wooden Tesla Invader II Mod
    • 1 x Tesla holster

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