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  • Volcano Classic Vaporizer


    • Built With Advanced German Technology
    • Stunning Volcano-Shaped Design
    • Three Year Warranty
    • Temperature Settings Between 266 and 446 Degrees Fahrenheit
    • Choose From Either Solid Valve or Easy Valve Set ($119.79 Value)
    • High End Heating Cartridge With Rapid Heat Up Time
    • Free Shipping Within The United States
    • Risk-Free Return Policy
    • Category: Table Top Vaporizers

    This is the classic version of one of our bestselling vaporizers, the Volcano. Expect to receive plenty of compliments, as the volcano-shaped design is absolutely stunning. Built in Germany to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning vape connoisseurs, the Volcano provides top-notch quality vapor.

    The ease of use, cleanliness, design, and quality in this vape are second to none.

    The Volcano classic comes in two options:

    Easy Valve and Solid Valve.

    The Easy Valve is recommended for those who want to enjoy their vape with minimal maintenance. It comes equipped with a ready to use valve balloon unit, as well as five replacement balloons. Once the Easy Valve becomes unusable, you replace it. Simple.

    The Solid Valve is for those who want increased flexibility and a lower cost over the long run. It comes with three meters of balloon material, allowing the user to select their own balloon size. Be forewarned, replacing the balloon on the Solid Valve tends to be tricky.

    Included Accessories:

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