Wulf Mods Dab Rig Kit

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This Dab Rig Kit by Wulf Mods contains literally everything that you need to turn your favorite box mod into a powerful and portable dabbing rig.

Assembled from some of the highest quality materials, the Dab Rig Kit includes a replaceable heating coil for ease of use. This kit is the first of it's kind from Wulf Mods, one of the most respected names in the industry, famous for their box mods and mechanical mods.


The Dab Rig Kit includes a glass bubbler attachment which is designed to give you smooth and superior draw. It also includes titanium, quartz, AND ceramic nails; giving you the ability to dab according to your own unique preferences in literally any situation imaginable.

The dabbing experts at Wulf Mods have got you covered.

This kit also includes a dabber, carb cap, heating coil, and heating base all packaged in a sturdy ABS case that is designed to protect the fragile components and make carrying the Dab Rig Kit on-the-go a breeze.


The Wulf Mods Dab Rig Kit gives you the convenient ability to swap out the heating coil without removing the entire heating base. This innovative technology alone could justify the price tag. 

But the best part of this Dab Rig Kit is how insanely easy it is to use, even for beginners. Simply place a small amount of water into the bubbler until it rises slightly above the precision-drilled air holes. Then connect the Rig to your favorite 510-threaded box mod. Then remove the magnetic cap from the rig and apply your concentrate to your nail. Power your mod for about 10-15 seconds, giving your dab plenty of time to heat up, then simply inhale through the mouthpiece.

Dabbing has never been easier.

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